Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think exercise should be required. Not by the government since I'm a good old republican who thinks the government shouldn't tell me what to do about stuff like that, but required by yourself.

There are soo many analogies for it I could bore you. Most of them revolve around exercise and church. The more you exercise you can't imagine not doing it, but if you stop, it never sounds appealing to start back up. I have started and stopped and started again so many times, usually pregnancy induced. Most of them I dream up while sweating my buns hopefully off. not really, but smaller would be great.

But the craziest trick with exercise, which I would like someone to try and disprove cause its a solid the more you work out, the more you actually DON'T care how much you weigh. or what you look like. Cause you just feel good. and strong. pretty good payoffs i think.

Two weeks seems to be the magic number. Takes two weeks to notice how good you feel and about two weeks to get back out of shape if you stop. sick huh.... it doesn't stick...much like other things I've thought about (like reading your scriptures and saying your I can't get out of the church analogies there are millions of them).

Key trick number one is workout buddy. My workout buddies always turn into my closest friends (if they weren't already)....cause the only thing getting me out of bed at 5 a.m. is knowing someone is showing up on my door. I think I've finally capable of getting out of bed myself, but it sure helps.

I think its about as healthy for your mental state as it is for your body. Cause I feel like my body has always been about the same, just my view of it has changed over the years...okay, and some pounds as well, but really mostly how I feel about it. I've usually been a runner since running outside is always free.

I almost cried today cause my kids stayed at the gym play place for an hour while I stayed there. (Yesterday it was just ten minutes) Worth every penny towards my mental health.


Beth said...

I agree 100%. I hardly ever worked out consistently before my kids (I had a super active lifestyle doing show, walking NYC, and waiting tables, but still). Now I can't even imagine NOT working out. It is a must, and for me, it 100% effects my mental health. I am just happier when I exercise. That's why I do it. Who wants to spend a day with those annoying "voices" all women have that haunt us, "why did you eat that? why didn't you work out? you should be working out instead of watching this show?" or whatever. Those voices are misery to me.

Renee said...

I had gone for a while not working out but I'm back in it. I feel so much better and it gets my day off right.

Sara Jane said...

Can you believe we used to get up at 5 am? It is good to have a workout buddy and I miss knowing I have to get up in the wee hours of the morning because you are going to show up. I am using my Nike Plus as my workout companion. I just tell myself I have to beat my numbers or run faster or go further.

I walked/ran that big hill we used to walk while we were pregnant and I was huffing and puffing and had all sorts of cramps. I thought it was funny that we did that while we were pregnant and there I was struggling.

I hope the girls get to enjoying the kid play place at the gym.

Manda Mae said...

i totally agree with you on the gym and exercise. i'm all about the closet friends, and everyone there is so friendly because they are all so happy because THEY WORK OUT! ha! work up to two hours in child-care... it's my two hours of bliss and like you said... WORTH EVERY BEAUTIFUL PENNY! great job!

brandon said...

yeah real problems start when you get injured and can't exercise, it is rough.

Sarah said...

I actually was at a point where I didn't care about how much I weighed or how I looked. Dan and I had been married for a couple years with no children yet. We started to run about 3 times a week 3-7 miles a day together when he would get home from work. I hated running, but I loved how I felt when I was done. Dan would talk because I hate talking while I run and I would listen. It was one of my most favorite times with my husband. I don't remember how much I weighed but I felt SO good and I loved my body. I felt strong and healthy. Now how do I get back into that zone (as I sit here still eating from my Ben and Jerry's ice cream)?