Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waiting for Jason

to get home so we can watch the LAST EPISODE OF LOST EVER. Jason is at his 3rd church meeting tonite besides 3 hour church. We've been partying like a rockstar (or a lazy bunch of Sunday fools) without him.

Darby's birthday is tomorrow. I love how much kids love their birthdays. She will never be 4 again. I LOVE THAT GIRL.

Missionaries came over for dinner, one of them had served in Encino and it made me homesick for the Encino ward. Then they did this awesome fire trick in my living room.

We have decided Paisley screams like a Pterodactyl when she feels like we aren't hearing her...mostly in her high chair. The other time she did it was when we were taking pictures at Garmanda's wedding. Pterodactyl baby. Sure is a pretty sound, wink wink. THAT GIRL WILL NOT CRAWL. But boy can she spin.

Located camera charger, right in time for festivities tomorrow.

We went to the most awesome party Saturday nite. We never go to parties, but it was so fun. Done to the max. Thanks Arianne.


Renee said...

Ha ha funny...Garmanda...your so LA...

Tyson screams like that too but when he wants what I'm eating. It's ear piercing. Maybe it's the fourth child thing. Tell Darby that we wish her a happy birthday. Wasn't she just 2! Miss you guys!!

Nancy Jo said...

Pterodactyl?!Where is the world did you come up with that one? Not that cute girl! Glad you found your charger.I will call Darby soon for her birthday - woohoo she's 5!

Tanya said...

I have a cute pic of you and shel at the party, I'll send it to you :)

brandon said...

what was the fire trick. i wish i knew more missionary tricks, only learned one on the mission, and that chinese writing one from the missionaries in dothan.

English Garden said...

Happy birthday Darby! I am catching up, wohoo to the no cooking, remember no sucess outside the home can compensate for failure within, whatever you can do to ensure your sucess within your home you go for it!