Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sure was fun...

CJ (age newly 2) & PJ (7 months)

CJ (the original) and Carl II (not a Jr)

Some of the munchkins

Jason's hard work (with help from Carl)

quote from my neighbor "how do you convince all these people to work on their vacation?"


Zuma beach

Grandpa with kids...we flew kites. Lots of March wind

After seeing the best movie, How to Train a Dragon in 3D....awesome.

"Can Carl sit by me?"

"I hate that you have a blog"

My two little sisters...

Possibly the cutest child born on September 1st ever

Nana at the park

Nana with super cute Sadie, who happened to love me and I loved that she loved me. Oh I miss Sadie.

Brenna the tree hugger

Dallas and Darby, future BYU roommates (with Vienna)

"Seige" and Court

This picture kills me.

Just a taste of our fun week.

Only sad part is we only took 1 picture of the three sisters, and its kinda ugly.....


Jackie said...

SO CUTE!!!!! You just can't replace family! You must be going through serious withdrawls. What a blast.

Sara Jane said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I'd been going through some withdrawals too.

brandon said...

wow you rock, thanks for the photos. So cute photo of Ceej and Paisley. they do look related in that one. i like the pic with all the kids, the first one. cj is just peeking in and D looks like Lindz in that one I think. the fence looks nice. crazy to see sadie walking around in the background. baylie's hair looks real brown in the one where she has a tiara on and dad is holding lizard thing, i think it looks cute. also Darby looks real cute. All the kids look cute you know. liked the pigtails photo. makes me sad i wasn't there. oh well. sometime, maybe when I can get settled down. that paisley swimsuit and hat photo looks so cute, sad i didn't recognize her. Sadie looks soo old! cute. i bet the kids had such a good time. i bet brenna liked that tree. D and Darby cute. funny photo Cj on beach towel with glasses. thanks so much for the photos, you rock. sad i wasn't there. but i bet it was so fun w/ the kids.

Tanya said...

so cute, it just sounds so fun to have so many little munchkins running around everywhere. It seems like such blast.

Amy Kennedy said...

Cute pictures of all those kids Brooke!! They're so lucky to have all those fun cousins. I forgot to tell you i saw your sister at publix here in b'ham a long time ago and talked to her. I think they live pretty close by to us. she is super sweet. it's such a small world!

Heather said...

Looks like everyone had loads of fun! Cute pictures!