Monday, April 12, 2010

Will someone please tell my baby to go to sleep?


My sisters and parents are gone. I am sad. Boo hoo.

Luke cried today. Over and over again when he would remember. He kept telling me how sad he was. Because everyone was gone and our house is quiet. Boo for quiet.

I worked out and ate a bunch of ice cream to ease my pain. Take that for a contradiction.

Will post pictures soon so Brandon can see them. But really don't feel like doing much but having a big sulk-fest.

Being around family makes you realize how much you are missing.

I hadn't seen my nephew since he was a teeny baby and now he was talking tons. He can say symbiotic. He turned two while he was here. What the heck does that even mean?

Seriously my nieces and nephews are so smart, we might have to play catch up over here. Like read some more books. Maybe its because my sisters don't have cable. Maybe thats it.

The kids got along so well. All nine of them.

No injuries. Wahoo.

We had so much fun.

Brandon, we missed you.

The fastest a week has ever gone by.

I don't think anyone got much sleep.

Played the game Farkle every nite. The game is just fun to say. Lindsey always won.

My kids were sad to go back to their own beds instead of slumber parties on the floor.

Why is crowded floor sleeping so much fun?

The beach was perfect.

Funny to hear Baylie say Carl today when he was gone. She missed playing with her uncle.

We miss our cousins and I miss my sisters.

No, I really miss my sisters.

And my parents.

Did I mention I have awesome new gates now?

Quite impressed with my Jason. They did great work.

And screen doors. With a new swing. The third on the big tree.

I don't even know what to do with myself.

Back to work.

I guess its a good thing when the people who are so amazing and neat are people you are related to. I'm choosing not be jealous and feel jilted in the talents department. Because they are really neat. And really great moms.

But as the oldest, aren't I supposed to be the wisest or something like that? Cause I want to do is steal all of their ideas and look like them.

The girls know how to wear some jewelry. And wear some clothes. Everything cool I do comes from them.

Paper products saved our life. Should be required and allowed during large family functions. I recycle and don't waste every other time of the year I swear. We didn't cook either unless you count caramel popcorn.

We ate pizza, In and Out, and had beef kabobs and hummus. My dad was not a fan of the hummus. Must have no taste buds.

We had ages of kids 7 months, 1, 2, three 3s, 4, 5, and 7.

We haven't gotten together here for three years. That is a long time.

Don't know when it will happen again. Everyone lives so far away.

But Courtney soon will only be ten hours away...only ten.

Boo hoo.

Keeping ourselves distracted so we don't cry.

Paisley keeping me company and turning into my late nite/middle of the nite buddy.

Little stink. Good thing she is so cute. Good thing babies are so special to have around.

Good thing Diet Coke was invented.

Makes it okay not to get much sleep.


AMIT said...

Hey why your baby is not sleeping?

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brandon said...

i know i tried not to think about ya'll. don't worry about the photos, i'm sure i will see them eventually. i know, now that court is in Utah, you have your kids cousins closer than i do. hey i feel ya of jealous of fam, i'm like, there is no way i can compete with fun carl. nah brooke, you are the decider, plus i would say more good things about you if this wasn't public reading material. surprising dad doesn't like hummus, i like hummus and always count dad as eater of all. court and mom on the other hand...i was just thinking that like a couple days ago, crazy your baby is 7 months. still can't believe ya'll all were in your house, craziness.

Nancy Jo said...

My house is REALLY quiet. Miss you all! It was so much fun! Talk to Erin how she did the book and maybe I can attempt it once I have the pics. At least now you can have a clean house: )

Maria said...

I feel ya girl. Family is the best. I love love love that my sister will drive 11 hours just to spend a few days with me every few months.

Mrs. Anderson said...

yeah for farkle, yeah for family, yeah for the beach

Tanya said...

aawww, that is so fun. I know it is hard when family leaves. I felt that way when my parents left after Isaac was born. I love my sisters but they are still in stages where I'm glad they aren't here all the time (he he) but it sure is fun when they are around maybe when they all have kids and such it will be even more fun. You btw are an awesome mom and just because you need idea lifts doesn't make you less talented, you have had kids the longest so you have exhausted more ideas than them just remember that :D (if you want some more noise we would be up for coming up and crashing your house with our 3 boys!!!) then you'll probably be glad you had mostly girls :D

Beth said...

I hate when a trip is over. Boo. And all the time before you were probably looking forward to it, so now it's a let down. Ugh. Glad you had a great time though.

Lindsey said...

Great summary of the trip! Wonderful to all be together. Thanks for everything--You are amazing & can't wait to try out that cute bag. So glad the kids played so well together and can't wait to play Farkle again with ya'll. Thanks to Mom for introducing it! `