Friday, April 16, 2010

Kindergarten and Teeth

I just enrolled Darby (apparently late) in kindergarten for fall 2010. That is W I E R D

Its all day kindergarten. Seems that is the trend.

I will have to make sure I get plenty of her this summer.

"Go brush your teeth so you don't get a cavity like your brother" works well to motivate the girls these days.

I had my first cavity at 30 (probably sooner if I'd gone to the dentist in between pregnancies).

Luke's first cavity. age 7 He took it like a champ, once I could convince him to walk through the door. Will floss more.

I'm blaming it on the dads side...

Wait, Jason hasn't ever had a cavity, or braces or anything and he has only been to the dentist only 3 times in his whole entire 34 years life....that is just wrong.


christy said...

Avery is also going to K in the fall. He has already had 4 fillings. I totally blame it on Cory's family. Hornsbys don't get cavities until we are adults. We have had to force the kids to floss regularly.

Tanya said...

We are having fun dentist stuff going on at our house but it revolves around me, the kids were but I got my first cavity like you I probably had it before but never went to the dentist between babies. I got my wisdom teeth pulled and apparently braces are on my horizon it is going to be the best year I'll be hot and happy when it is all over, that's what I keep telling myself anyway :) Poor luke. I hope that Kevin doesn't do all day kindergarten. I think it is half day for now but they have a year to change their minds.

Nancy Jo said...

Darby will definitely be the best artist in kindergarten!
Can't believe you will have 2 in school. WOW.
(I had lots of cavities growing up but gave you fluoride pulls so you didn't have any)