Saturday, March 6, 2010

On the Mend all around.

So it looks like Paisley is getting much better. Whew. She needed it. We all need it.

In the process we broke some habits like our famous tight swaddling.

And are working on just being able to plop her down to bed at nite and shorten the nightly ritual. Because sleep is a valuable commodity and lately very rare. For a while I couldn't remember when I'd had 5 hours sleep in a row. Like months. Okay so technically last nite was just 4 hours in a row but at least I had a nap today. It is getting better.

Today was a wonderful day.

Productive and lazy. The best mix.

I took the kids to Barnes and Noble (even though Luke protested) and they loved it.

I needed to grab one for book club. And then picked up this one too.

Jason and I went on our second date to Borders and then I knew I was in love. After I saw past his slashed acid white jeans. A guy who could mull around comfortably in a bookstore. Seriously, aren't bookstores fun. Especially when they have cozy chairs so you can stay a bit. Jason has some awesome stories about reading full books in stores at stages and never buying them. My first job after graduating college was at a bookstore in the mall, cause I'm high class like that.

I let the kids pick out some books (birthdays and a road trip just around the corner).

I left the baby at home and it was me and the three 'big' kids. I thought, DANG this is easy. Three 'older' kids felt easy. Not that Paisley is hard at the store, actually Baylie is the one who picked up every book she passed by. But I didn't have someone strapped to me limiting my motion. But it was just a reminder that my life will be easier again someday. And what is a year of hard really? Okay, so two if you count the almost year being pregnant.

Baylie just wanted a stuffed animal, but fortunately her birthday is just around the corner too so she selected 'Jaguar' from Diego which I will wrap later. Her birthday is a loaded one this year. It falls on Easter and general conference and Lindsey and her family are coming along with my parents (to see Lindsey and her girls). Which actually is cool because it will be like a party for everyone and not be so jealous of Baylie. She wants a makeup party with her cousins. Darby keeps telling her that THE REAL Easter bunny is coming to our house. A REAL ONE.

We went to Home Depot right after.

I made some freaking awesome forts if I do say so. Each kid had their own and then fought about letting the others in and then Baylie kept wrecking Darby's down. Little stinker. Good thing she is so cute. But they all take their turns being stinkers. Even me.

The kids favorite new thing at nite is to karate chop me. Running karate chops and karate kicks. They give it to me really good though and I give it right back. Gets out both our aggression and makes them think I'm cool. Ahhhh the things I do for that boy because of my no brother guilt. Sacrifice my body in the name of fun.

I teach Luke's sunday school class tomorrow. I'm the sub. When I told him he was so excited quote, "You rock mom". Funny cause I've always wanted to be their primary teacher but I think its also good for them to have someone else too. Funnier that I've been all three of their nursery leader's in church which I found I did not want to be, but really who is more qualified? Cause if I can't teach a kids class under 3 who can really?

Jason is hanging some pictures for me right now. No oscar party this year. Oh I love the oscars. Next year.

Can I just say I'm sooooo glad we didn't do baseball this year. Not having to drag kids to practice and games has been awesome. I thought of that when the kids were jumping on Darby's bed in their pajamas this morning with no place to go.

This might be the year of my anti-schedule.


Lindsey said...

So glad you are seeing the light! Sounds like a fabulous day. I need a lesson in good forts and don't let them kick you too hard:)! So cute that Luke thinks you rock! Only 1 week till your birthday!!

Sara Jane said...

Glad Paisley is feeling better and that she is starting to get herself to sleep. Like you said, a year is kind of short in the life of your child and it will get easier.

Now Russell is on the last phase of crying it out at 1:00am. It will be so good to have it all over and done with.