Sunday, March 7, 2010

My littlest Sister

Happy Birthday to You~ Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Courtney!

Happy Birthday to you!

So I've been going through old pictures this weekend. And sure made me realize how much fun we've had. Funny that my littlest sister has always seemed older than her years.... But 25 was one of my favorites so hope you enjoy it!

I've been laughing all weekend when I found all these old letters you wrote me when I was in college. Sooooo funny.

And you were one of the prettiest brides I've ever seen.

Like a crest commercial. Hope you have the best birthday ever.

Here's to all the fun years we have ahead. So glad to have you as my sister.

Sorry my gift sucks.

Kiss those kids for me.


Courtney said...

Thanks Brooke. Those pictures are funny. I can't wait to hear more about those letters. I so lucky to have you as a sis! xoxo

Anonymous said...
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Carl said...

I zoomed in on the letters to read them. I get a kick out seeing Courtney as a younger girl. Hard to imagine. Ditto on the bride comment. Couldn't take my eyes off her.