Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Bit O Nature

We got together with some friends on Tuesday.

Did I mention the weather is really warm?

noshing on an orange peel

ya, my girls look like they should be going to the mall in those skirts instead of a hike. but they refused to change and i chose not to care. but they scraped themselves up later so don't think they'll be doing that next time. funny since Darby wants to dress like a boy half the time, but heavens no, not that day.

my dear friend Sara. We have ran lots of miles together. As Luke put it "I really like your family" There is something about being in Encino together...small wards bind ya.

My kids with Porter

Of course Luke couldn't leave his new guns at home. Good thing had two to share

And off to pick up my boy and go to gymnastics!


Tanya said...

wow you are energetic, lol!! Paisley is so darn cute!! All your kids are cute actually so you know she is just following suit :D

Sara Jane said...

We had so much fun. I was kicking myself when I drove off for not really thanking Luke and making a big deal out of how well he shared his guns. Seriously-he was a rockstar sharer and didn't put up any fuss about letting the boys play with his brand new birthday toy. I kept thinking how much he is growing up. Tell him Lawrence and Porter and I say thank you for sharing his awesome guns.

brandon said...

like the boots and skirts. also luke's holster is cool. thanks for the photos. yeah warmer weather.

English Garden said...

I want to go on the hike, it looks awesome.

Courtney said...

That looked like fun. Is Luke doing gymnastics?

Lindsey said...

Looks like a great hike. And glad it is warming up!