Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perfectly Fine to have Mousse for Breakfast

My whole family is wearing green today, are you?
Seriously Darby has on green shirt, green pants (not the same green), green toe nails, green finger nails and green eyeshadow.

I forgot to dye the milk green. Slept in. Must redeem myself at dinner.

Have I mentioned that Paisley got her first tooth last week? Yep.

(Picture from The Sisters Cafe)

So I made this Chocolate Mousse last nite. The kids helped. Seriously I think Baylie mixed half of it while I was running upstairs. Boy I am trusting. I used the toffee and nuts Symphony bar. It was okay.

But THIS MORNING it was awesome. The flavor was way better. Pretty dang easy treat. I think it would have been awesome with fresh raspberries as they suggest.

Also, if you want to win a cookbook, go Here. I love this website and she is cool. Plus she lives in one of my favorite cities. Even though we haven't met and even though she is a Ute fan. I won her last giveaway so I'm opting out so you all have a chance...seriously I have some luck.


Lindsey said...

Looks Delicious Brooke! Very impressed. I want to see a picture of Darby!

Nancy Jo said...

Yummy! I would eat that for breakfast : )