Monday, March 22, 2010

Super Cool

These are my biker girls. They pick out their own outfits. They can turn on a dime in their speed racers. The sidewalk is there I a poet or what?

Paisley slowly growing some hair.

documenting her messy first foods phase

Hanging out at gymnastics...oh the few minutes I can actually WATCH Darby when I'm not wrangling the other three... thankfully we have other buddies there. Can you see how sweaty my boy is?

We had a short get together with some dear college friends who now live in Texas (via Alaska, New Mexico and Ohio....did I mention they have four kids? They are movers). Aaron is one of Jason's closest friends (don't be jealous Chris) and is a social worker, which means he always has awesome stories, and now works at Ft. Hood. Ya THAT Ft. Hood.

and between the two couples, we sure made a lot of kiddos. Aaron and Amy are first though, we are just copycats (paisley is in the stroller). Have I mentioned how much I love the Grove?


Luke lost a tooth. A tooth that had been hanging by a thread, or whatever that is, and was refused to be pulled by its owner. It wanted to come out so bad that one morning we just found it on the floor during breakfast. It must have jumped out.

Now Luke has that much more in common than Paisley...boy am I on a roll.....

Is this just awesome-ness? My pretty little girl, dressed in a skirt of her own picking, in with a sword down her back in our beat up but loved backyard. Does that count as grass?

Luke requested a video-game day for his birthday and here were his friends who came over to play. Its cool to be shirtless and give bunny ears. Sunday morning quote , "Mom, I'm sooo sore from the Wii" He loved the game that Nana got him.

Paisley and her advanced boyfriend Simon...seriously the dude crawled EVERYWHERE! Are those cute kids or what?

Strangely Paisley is bow-less in most these pictures with is weird. Mostly we are bow-less at home I guess and then strut it in public.

Its hard to be loved.

Another documentation of much of lil P's life.

Brenda posted on her blog her version of who wore it better (is that from Extra? or People magazine? something like that) and had her kids sporting shared outfits. Which I thought was brillant. Except that not too much has lasted over the three kids, mostly two babies, but there are a few outfits that have lasted formula, spit up and mysteriously resurfacing stains (those are the worst!).


My life sure sounds boring when my enemy is mysteriously resurfacing stains. Well, it might sound boring, but it is not, and I love it. Which I might not have said a few weeks ago, but have a little clarity of late. Might be due to my new mantra in life which is to never cook again, only worry about my little family, only do things that make my life easier....all of which are revelations to me! Oh yes, it could also be that my baby is sleeping much better.


Brandi Bartee said...

I love your hair in the last picture!

Nancy Jo said...

That is funny Luke's tooth was found on the floor. Cute pictures of all the kids! Paisley's hair is really starting to grow! Her eyes remind me of Luke's. Can't wait to see you in person!

Lindsey said...

Cutest pictures ever, of ALL of them. Thanks for posting. CANNOT WAIT to see you all.

Courtney said...

Those were awesome pics. I especially loved the one of Baylie barefoot in the backyard, in a skirt, with a sword down her back. That was priceless. I am going to play the game and say that Paisley wore the outfit better. Sorry Baylie, but sitting down just didn't give that dress justice. Try again. :)