Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogs are strange beasts

Because lots of times I can't think of nothing to say. And other times I can't shut up. Or I'll think of something when I'm in the shower and forget by the time I'm out (like this whole idea I had to write Drew Barrymore and ask her if I could watch her movie Whip It on one of her screening rooms because its my favorite movie and yes I would want to invite all my friends and you know she probably isn't using her screening room all the time and would be flattered by my request..and then she would let me be in Whip it 2 and my name would be Quatromom or Brittney Smears and knock someone down to the ground). Why do I pour my guts out into blogger-land when I don't really know who is reading it.

Here's the deal, my baby has been tricky. She was sleeping through the night just wonderful and now has decided to torment her parents and give us rocky nights every nite. So really I should just go to bed right now. But I have to watch the American Idol I tivoed.

My husband is also tricky. Because he has turned into a snorer who is waking me up. Which is giving me flashbacks of my mother having to sleep on the couch and strange breathing contraptions my poor dad has to wear so she won't. Oh I hope it doesn't last.

But I love those two so I guess I'll have to work it out. Or deal. (oh and totally forgot about my little friend Baylie who wakes me up before my alarm goes off every morning and crawls to my bed and tries to pull open my eye lids)

But also, this week it seems I can't keep my big mouth shut. Seems I keep sticking my mouth and saying stupid stuff any chance I can get
Seriously like verbal diarrhea.

I think its because I don't like quiet. At least with other people I'm not sure. Nor do I like a pause in conversation. So when there even a five second break, I feel the need to fill is with useless jibberish that I end up replaying in my mind while rocking that baby to sleep. Seriously though, you can't take your words back, no matter how stupid you sound. I've been telling Jason about my problem and asks me what I've said, but I'm usually too embarrassed to even say....cause he knows me so he can guess. Just nonsense. And crap. The queen of crap am I.

But its no fun making those phone conversations the next day (or three) saying, hey, remember when we were together and I bla bla bla...I'm sorry I said that. And usually they don't remember what the heck you are talking about and you just sound even more ridiculous, but you do and you need to get it off your chest and apologize. But sometimes there is just too many things to retract.

So I'm wondering if I can preemptively apologize for the garbage that comes out of my mouth. Because I can't help it. I'm possessed.

HEY WAIT! Maybe I can blame all my up-chuck communication on lack of sleep. Yes, thats it. Delusional sleep walking maybe?

Do you think it will count for the years before I had children as well? Because really I've always had this problem. Either way, I will take what I can get. Just put your fingers in your ears.

Gotta go, I smell popcorn. Its American Idol time.


Nancy Jo said...

Verbal diarrhea - that made me laugh. Quattromom or Brittney Smears - made me laugh more. You have always talked all the time so I think it was a birth defect : )

christy said...

ha! same problem exists in the hornsby family too you know. no biggie. we mean well right?
loved whip it too.

brandon said...

that is really funny about baylie pulling your eye lids up. i think she is your daughter. also, maybe you will learn to enjoy jason snoring like a dog in the room it will be like comfort black noise.

brandon said...

i think i have same foot in mouth problem, maybe it is genetic : )

brandon said...

there is this super nice guy at church that will just stand facing you and look you in the eyes and smile in a convo for like a minute or two, i'm trying to train myself to just smile back and not say anything cause usually i will say anything to fill the void.

Mrs. Anderson said...

You're awesome!

Maria said...

Oh man I hear you about the sleep thing. Since we got back from L.A. Emma will not sleep through the night. It's killing me!

Amber said...

You're hilarious!

Kira =] said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that keeps going over the conversations in my head wondering why I said that!

Beth said...

Love those books on your side bar Brooke. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my faves (along with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn that you were asking about). Soooo good. And I totally want you to write to Drew Barrymore. I am dying to see that movie. I wonder if it's on video yet. Maybe we need a girls night and watch WHIP IT and eat treats. :)

Anonymous said...

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