Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brace yourself for some funny...

Introducing my lovely lovely daughter...

Can you say HI-larious picture?

This is the picture that started it all. My kids were giggling so much they were falling on the floor, and is there really a better sound than a bunch of kids cracking up? Nope, so of course we have to do it some more. I mean, is this a crazy face or what?

Next it was 'EAT THE FOOT' pose. I mean you if you are going to naw on a foot, this was definitely the best choice...Dads now, not so much. Actually mine our probably grosser than his since I'm usually barefoot...TMI


Its okay to just be pretty too. We don't always have to be crazy.

Slobbering on Santa.

Now this is just great. I think the mega spaced teeth are my favorite.
Love you kids.

Now brace yourself for one of my favorite Luke videos ever. Although I wish I got some video of when he was dancing with Baylie yesterday outside and twirling her and being a gentlemen, she kept calling him Prince. But since we can't show that, here is this one. My brother will especially appreciate this I think. Be warned of Darby's spaz out at the end. They tend to be showoffs. Darby did a great video too, but then Luke got in trouble for trying to moon the camera and I yelled so you don't want to hear that.

Ahhh...this will be even funnier to show him when he is 15. Its titled "Luke the soprano". Might only be appreciated by family. I can't remember what time of day we did this, but my guess would be its like 6:45 p.m. and mom is running out ideas. At least entertainment is cheap.


Kira =] said...

Love the pictures and I totally agree about the kiddos laughing! and I couldn't help but crack-up laughing watching the video, even Ben wanted to know what I was watching.

Nancy Jo said...

That was really funny of Luke singing and improv. Such talent! Gorgeous pictures- I liked the sweet one of Baylie the best.

brandon said...

your baby is so cute. hey i thought it was cute luke singing nice and Christmasy, hey if you want him to keep singing i wouldn't bring up the high voice thing, seems about that age, maybe a touch older, that is what got me to stop singing in public, yeah i remember those teeth, oh braces, my teeth still have a bit of issues. xoxo

Lindsey said...

That was an awesome video! Brenna, Sadie and I just watched about 5 times. Love the kisses and fun to see the kids. Love the silly ones.