Monday, November 30, 2009

Topic of Conversation

Okay, really fast before I attempt to fold 7 loads of laundry.

During the twenty minutes of dinner tonite, we discussed and debated the dog name for our future pet (like years away future). Here were the results.

Ranch, submitted by Darby.
Chip, submitted by Baylie.
Great White, Luke fought hard for this one "Please mom, Great White, please please Please!!!"
Cup, also from Darby
Toast, from mom
Hair, from Darby
Shrimp, a solid contribution by Luke I think, definitely a contender.
And lastly Hammerhead, in case I say no to Great White. But not just Hammerhead, it must be Hammerhead Shark....for a dog's name. Very creative I think. The only rules were you aren't allowed to say 'thats a really bad idea' (LUKE!). We practiced calling the dog, the only true way to test a good dog name "Chip, come hear chip!" I really tried to convince Luke out of Great White, "Great White, come on great white"...just doesn't roll off the tongue.

We will have a dog someday. It will be an inside dog who sleeps on the kids bed, but right now it terrifies me. I cannot be responsible for another living thing...the fish are all dead.

I took my second story off because I woke up this morning thinking I shouldn't put it in the blurb book. Some things are better left not pointed out.


Becky said...

That's awesome. You'd never survive at my house. I am late for EVERYTHIHNG. But you know that. I vote for "Cup".

Lindsey said...

Hey, Good story and Good luck with the h1n1 shots and props to you for being on top of it and willing to take them all! You sound EXACTLY like me on the way to church. It must be in the blood. I loved reading your black friday story. that is so great you went! Dallas cried to me in front of her teacher one time when I took her out of school 10 minutes early to go to the doctor.

brandon said...

wow i was impressed i liked ranch and chip, those were good. i liked great white and hammerhead, but for a name you would have to shorten them to either hammer or great or white. what about tiger like tigershark for look, i'm not a fan of tiger i'm just saying or nurse like nurse shark. but i tried chip, ranch, hammer, and white and great all for calling a dog in my head and i think ranch could work, ham/hammy could work, maybe hammer, whitey, needs y, and possibly greaty. also, email me that story if you think i would like it that you left out of your blog please, you arose intrigue. glad you will get a dog, so i can play with it when i eventually visit and also cross my fingers it is a breed i like.

brandon said...

i wrote look instead of luke, whoops