Friday, December 4, 2009

Treasure Hunt of Trash

The awesome part of our big back yard, is that it is full of TREASURE!

Trash treasure of course, buried deep. Now that the half buried tire and cactus are gone, there is still much to be found. Yesterday we found a buried broken extension cord, trash bags (Plastic really doesn't disintegrate), crushed aluminum cans. So I was imagining our yard in ten years and how pretty it will be and imagining if someone says, "How can you buy a house in California on one income?" And I would tell them in my pretend mind, "You should see what our house started out as. Buy one with 'lots of potential' that is really 'cheap' and get ready to work." So we are working....

Lately everyday afterschool, in the few hours of light I say,

"Hey kids, do you want grass someday?"

They say, "Ya!"

So I say, "Okay, everyone pick up ten rocks."

Picking up ten rocks didn't really make a dent so then I make them pick up ten more.

And then they whine and complain. So I say, "Luke go get the shovels in the garage and lets dig up this mysterious drain in the middle of our yard...I wonder what it leads too". He says, "Ya!" Here is what he found...and no I don't tell him to pose like that.

After we dug this big ole pipe up, we focused on the leaves!
"Hey everyone lets scoop up all the leaves (we had a few friends over)"
I love raking leaves. We might not have snow, but we have beautiful falling yellow leaves.


Oh yes, here was the party at THE MALL earlier that day. The girls told Santa what they wanted for Christmas, we saw some puppies at the puppy store and saw some of their friends. By the end Baylie was bawling because she wanted to go home...the girl still needs a good too actually.


Amber said...

And then the drain just stopped? How random. I wonder what it was there for.

Hillary said...

You know your story about the rocks? That totally happened to me when my family lived in ID. My parents involved 5 of the 6 kids (my lil' brother was a baby) in the process. Nothing wrong with teamwork!

Lindsey said...

What the heck is that drain? So funny. Good work guys. Can't wait to see what you find next. HOw fun they saw santa at the mall. Just a bit jealous their is a mall nearby:). Cute picts.

brandon said...

so that drain wasn't connected to anything? bc that is wierd, and who buries trash in a california yard? your previous owners are losing points to alabamians right now. luke is cool, isn't it fun you can tell him to shovel and he enjoys doing it.

Jenn said...

ugh...reminds me of my childhood! rocks rocks rocks. The drain is pretty weird..maybe some underground storage area that you just stopped from getting any air.(i've see to many movies!)