Monday, November 30, 2009

Decapitated Santa

The dads and kids watching a Christmas movie after Thanksgiving dinner. Amber let us piggyback on their plans and we are so glad we did. Thanks!

This is a funny post. Because this was a funny past few days. Here are my two pals Amber and Becky posing in line at Toys R Us waiting for it to open at midnite. It was fun really. The awesome-est part was that there wasn't really a reason why I NEEDED to be there. None of my kids favorites were super on sale or anything. But really I'm always up for a party. Even in line at 2 a.m.! Note to self, next time where warmer clothes and bring food...and each get our own shopping cart, ours ended up pretty dang packed. The only really stupid Toys R Us thing was that some sales started at midnite, but a few things I wanted to get didn't go on sale til 5 I'm standing in line in the store (yes, there was another line IN the store) at 2:30 a.m. thinking, really I'm so not coming back at 5 a.m.

You can't really grasp the length of the line outside unless you were waiting cold at hours you normally be sleeping, with a football field deep people in front of you....and twice that behind you. Seriously. We got there at 11:15, left at about 2:30 a.m. and my favorite comment of the nite was as we are walking out of the store Amber says, "Who wants to eat at Wendys? I'm hungry..." That was funny. We never found Wendys.

Black Friday lived up to the hype. We got loads of stuff and I'm shockingly 99.9 % done with Christmas present preparations... Who needs sleep?

So did I mention how fun Black Friday was? Well Saturday wasn't so much. My house got destroyed with the wild pack of children clawing through our Christmas decorations, breaking things as they pulled them out....and then our car battery died for the fourth time this week so Jason finally fixed that...Paisley was having a hard day which meant I was having a hard day and these dang cookies.

Have you ever had something you wanted to make and the recipe sat on your counter all week. I got this one from one of my favorite food blogs, and even emailed her to clarify a few points regarding ingredients. Why? Well because they are whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and hello! I store wheat and have a grinder and I would love to be able to make COOKIES with my food storage. And it just so happens making cookies is my specialty.

So me and all my 'helpers' (and holding Paisley) made these cookies and they ended flater than flat flat flat. Which ticked me off. Really ticked me off. Like we couldn't even eat them. Very anti-climatic.

I emailed the gal whose recipe it is and she thinks maybe my butter was too soft?

Back to good news.

Meet my black Friday buddy! I got this cute purse in the mail for perfect timing to break it in on my shopping mania weekend. Isn't she cute? Even better she was sent to me for FREE!

I won this darling bag from Full Hands Creations. My friends are having a big shopping homemade bash on December 5th that you should check out HERE. They call themselves the hip handmaids and seriously they have more hipness than most people in one little finger. And everyone is homemade. I am totally going to finish my shopping there, it should be an awesome event.

And finally, the greatest tragedy besides my poor cookies. Luke decapitated our singing dancing Santa. He was so cute. Luke whacked his head off with a Christmas wrapping paper roll. All I could say was, "Why? What were you thinking?" and he said, "I wanted to pull his hat off..." you think a glue gun can fix it? We will find out. Right now its just been in this exact spot for 24 hours, along with the rest of the half unpacked Christmas stuff. But good news our tree is up.

Merry Christmas everyone! I've spent all my money so its just time to drink hot chocolate, listen to Christmas music and make some toffee! As my friend Emily and I were discussing, 30 minutes on the computer is getting harder to come by these days, so warning if my posts become slower...not quitting yet, but just slowing done some, I'm not a magician afterall!


Mrs. Anderson said...

Great post and what a fun "Black Friday" - you guys are too cute!

brandon said...

hey i'm suprised how much you post, you should get an advertiser and make money off of it. i'm sure blogger makes money off the hits. cute kids photo. also those cookies looked yummy. i think if you undercooked those a bit they would be to die for. i saw them and thought yum. i actually prefer some soft thin cookies. lots of them, yum.

Whitney said...

Brooke - your blog makes me smile - you are a good egg. Your family is growing! Good for you. Good people should make as many good people as possible :)

Amber said...

In my defense, Becky first introduced the "Wendy's run" idea. I just tried to further it along. But really I was too darn tired to care. I went home and had turkey and rolls.
It WAS a fun weekend!!! Glad we got to hang together so much. Sorry about the cookies. Try again. I bet they'll come out better.

Amber said...

Oh and I HATE that you got that awesome bag and I didn't. Boo for me. :( But if I didn't get it, at least it went to a cool person.

Becky said...

poor Santa...lucky me! Thanks for making Black Friday FUN! I always go, but I have never had FUN like that. Yes, it was me who said Wendy's. I am a pig. :)

christy said...

i always use half shortening and half butter when i make cookies so they don't end up flat. you can use half whole wheat flour with any cookie recipe and it usually turns out nice, some all. king arthur flour makes a cook book full of recipes that use whole wheat flour.

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