Monday, November 9, 2009

I never said we were reverent

Tonite was Family Home Evening.

Which means on Monday nights we:

1 - Sing some songs

2 - Say a prayer

3 - Read a scripture story and act it out with minimal props (whatever we can grab around the house last minute. This is awesome because it required no planning really, which is one of my favorite things. First Jason and I picked the story, but lately the kids have. Tonite was Luke 2, Jason was the donkey, Darby was Mary with baby Jesus (a doll), Luke was Joseph and Baylie and I were animals

Others we have reenacted are Daniel and lions den, David and Goliath, Nephi and Laban, Tree of Life, Ammon, Samuel the Lamanite (using tin foil rocks), Good Samaritan (Jason REALLY makes a good donkey) and whatever ones have swords.

4 - Play a game (Duck Duck Goose, Simon Says, etc)

5 - Closing Prayer

We don't do treats because ours is right before bed and kinda late cause of Jason's work, but lets face it, do my kids need any more treats? nope, they get plenty :)


1 - We are not very at all

2 - In fact, we are often times IRREVERENT. In fact I would say the kids like it the more irreverent the better and Jason and I have a hard time not laughing ourselves.

3 - But we do have lots of fun and the kids love family home evening and would do it every nite. FHE (family home evening) usually gets them so wild that they have trouble calming down by closing prayer and then get in trouble....guess we need to work on that.

If you don't believe me, watch this.

This is Baylie leading the movie.

I would apolojize for my voice, but actually I don't really care. Because after you've been primary music leader you loose all pride having suffered through the snickers of sunday school teachers whose ears you tortured weekly by your voice. Seriously, now I have no shame and my kids think my voice is beautiful. Okay, maybe not.

So of course after realizing I was filming this, the other kids had to get in on the action. Please enjoy Luke's pajama choice selection.

Here are 3 games of red light green light at our house.

Okay, so thats it folks. Good night!

Family Home Evening Rocks!



Lindsey said...

Those were awesome! They were cracking me up! Loved Baylie mouthing the words and then the breaking out in dance to I am a Child of God. Can't get any better. We loved seeing them. Glad you got a rocker/glider!

Jon and Stacey said...

Oh my gosh, those videos are to die for! I miss you and your family so much. And for the record...I think you have a beautiful voice! I did music time last week and Jon snuck in at the end. After primary was over he goes, "what was wrong with your voice?" really is such an embarassing job! Hope you guys are doing well, can't wait to see the new baby!

Lyndsay said...

That's awesome. And seriously, all that matters is that you are HAVING FHE! :)

brandon said...

baylie is funny! your house is huge!

Amy Kennedy said...

Those will be such fun memories for your kids Brooke. Glad you are getting the videos too. We're not good about using our camera but it's so much more funny and exciting than just a picture. New baby girl is beautiful. have a great week!!

Nancy Jo said...

I am so impressed! You are my inspiration! It is sooo organized. If you need to can again, call me and we can do it together.

Nancy Jo said...

that was weird because I didn't type that...

gina said...

My kids told me last night that my FHE Lessons are more fun than Dad's lessons. Wahoo! It's nice to be the fun parent for once. You totally reminded me of Elder Bednar's ???conference talk, all that matters is that you are consistent with FHE not that it's perfect right! Loved the video, what cute kids!

Manda Mae said...

it's always nice seeing that other families have wild and crazy fhe's too!!! gotta love it!