Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just because I don't want to forget that she used to be able to fit in here.

This week I decided she looks like her Dad. Which means she also looks like everyone but me and Baylie really.

Just because I don't want to forget this.

One day I'm going to actually read these books that I've been meaning too.


Tanya said...

they do grow big so so fast, she is just so cute, I have a pile of books like that, but I packed them in a box this week, lol so I guess I'm not getting to them this year... :D

Jenn said...

cute! If you need something to read those books for you I would be happy to help! :)

Lindsey said...

Very sweet touching pictures! Please may it be sooner rather than later that I get to see all 4 of your children soon, but especially new Paisley! She looks still small but getting so big! Good luck on those books. I bet you can do though!

Courtney said...

Paisley is getting so old. She is just too cute. I also love the picture of dad reading to all the kids. It is super cute. The funniest thing about that picture is that Baylie has vampire teeth in. too funny.