Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Love the smell of cut grass

Look at those dirty feet.

They are happy feet.

Covered in grass, not dirt! Hooray!

And those are weed picking hands.

Wearing our pjs at 11 a.m. on a Saturday cause thats how I'm doing this 4 kid thing actually. Its called, 'Wear whatever you want as long as your not naked, and get yourself some food while you are at it" parenting. It works for now.

More weed picker hands. He is a good picker. Even gets the root.

Here is the before and after. I love sod. So soft and pretty. So hard to mow when its like the amazon crazy long.

Here is my laborer... Are we suburban or what? Still haven't planted flowers or plants. Can't figure out what and a little nervous to make a decision really.

Here is what the kids thought of our fancy lawn mower.

Little do they know that I'm going to get them to do it as soon as I think 8 is too early?

I told you it really needed it.

Family comes this week because Paisley is getting blessed this Sunday.

We had to speak in church today, glad that is done.

Have a crazy week ahead... two doctors appointments, flu shots and my first MRI...with the messiest house in the history of the world (no seriously if you knew me in college you know how messy I can be) but that is how I've been doing this 4 kid thing too, by not cleaning...but my mother in law is the cleanest most organized person in the history of the world (my dad is a close second) is coming so I better get crackin...


Anonymous said...

I got your message BUT I don't seem to have your number anymore! (I have Chris' old phone now) Call me agaiN! Email me your numbers. ;)

Lindsey said...

Your grass is so pretty! Love it. Looks so lush. Glad you are not the one having to mow it. Good luck this week!!

brandon said...

you know you can't water sod enough right? specially in that desert they like to call california. that is very impressive that jason's mom beats dad (hat off). i think 12 is a good full time mower age.

Nancy Jo said...

Your grass looks FABULOUS! How much fun to have. Please don't clean up for us - let us do it! I agree with Brandon as far as 12 being a good mowing age. Great idea having the kids pick weeds - wish I would have thought of that.