Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween 2009

Really its halloween week isn't it? We had our churches Trunk or Treat on Saturday (gather at the church, form cars in a circle, decorate the trunk and hand out candy with a chili cook off as well ...chili not in the trunk). Anyway, so here is what we went.

Jason was Superman the Zombie.

Maybe inspired by the pride and prejudice zombie book he read recently?

Luke is taking this picture. Is Darby classic or what?

This is Paisley sans pumpkin hat. Look at that bald head.

Dude, her eyes are blue I tell you. No joke. Mom, you will have to check it out for yourself.

The best part was when Luke saw this picture, he said, "For a minute I thought that was the real Darth Vader."

Darby and Baylie thought they were gorgeous, and bonus points to Baylie for letting me do her hair, D was not so interested.

In case you are wondering, I'm PINKALICIOUS! And you probably only 'get it' if you have a four year old daughter, and she thought I was quite clever.


missmisty said...

I knew exactly who you were. Love the pretty and lush.

Nancy Jo said...

Brooke you look SKINNY! Love the costumes! Beautiful princesses! Paisley has gotten sooo big! Can't wait to see ya'll in person.

Lindsey said...

You guys look soo great! Awesome costumes and Paisley looks soo old!! And soo cute!

brandon said...

wow nice costumes, luke's costume is straight awesomeness, darby's is way nice and even baylie is rocking. xoxobro, oh yeah liked jason's and that is cute you did a costume your kid would like.

Sara Jane said...

Cute costumes. I think Paisley is looking like Jason in that picture.

Jackie said...

You do look skinny!!!! I LOVE that you were pinkalicious. Kelsey has the whole book memorized! That is so creative.

alison said...

Such cute costumes! I love dressing up for Halloween. How fun. Darby is definately in her element. :)