Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book Recommend

This was such a cute book. Light (it is in the youth section) and totally fun. I bought it like 4 years ago (please tell me other people do this too) and finally read it.

Super fast, easy read. Courtney, I sent my copy with mom so read it.

Here is what Amazon said,

"Meg, kicked out of her house by her stepfather after her mother dies, becomes a troublemaker. When she and her friend Belch attempt to rob Lowrie McCall, an elderly neighbor, a nearby gas tank inadvertently explodes and she finds herself in a tunnel, hurtling toward the beyond. Meanwhile, Saint Peter and Beelzebub argue over Meg's soul-she is not really a bad kid but neither is she a very good one. In order to decide her fate, they send her back to Earth, where she must try to patch things up with Lowrie. After a rough beginning, she and the dying man embark on a quest to help him right the mistakes that he made during his life. Their adventures are both humorous and poignant, as Lowrie confronts his regrets and Meg strives to attain salvation."


tphillips said...

sounds like a good one! I just might have to go pick that one up! Thanks!

Lindsey said...

Did you read that during Paisley's late night feedings? Sounds pretty good. I need to read a book. xo