Friday, October 2, 2009

Fridays are the best

Darby got to bring home Petey the penguin home from her preschool class. We keep Petey all weekend and write about what he does in the class journal.

Here is my goal...not to kill Petey. Cause he might not be safe in my house. Not with a tired mama and a dad who is leaving this weekend to go a funeral. Pray for Peteys, have mercy! I will not tell you what has already happened to Petey less than an hour after we had him, but I promise her teacher would not like it!

this is what Petey looked like 5 minutes after he got to our house. Dressed and with a wig.

Here is Petey with a wig and a witch hat. It was brown day today at school.

I swear she is happy....she's not crying right. Luke took this picture, I was the holder. Sorry she got no bow. But she is clean and dressed so that counts. But why does she like to be wide awake at 2 a.m. is what I want to know? What gives?

What my house looks like. We busted out the halloween stuff. If any of you recall what happened last October, we are being very very very very safe this year. The day we got out the Halloween decorations last year was Baylie's first set of stitches when she fell on the upside down plastic lid that the decorations come in....I'm still shivering thinking about last October.....

Ya, my house is pretty much a big mess right now. With bonus points going to every kid who can do something by themselves without my help. Hungry? Grab a pear. Thirty, go get some water. Still hungry? Get yourself some chips. Chips all around is what I say.

Just showing how she is loved.

Darby is a bug.

More closeups on little Paisley. What is the verdict, who does she look like?

We are sure excited about Halloween. Turns out both grandparents are going to be here because we are blessing Paisley on November 1st.

I really really really really wanted and needed a nap today, but it did not happen. Mostly cause Baylie took a cat nap in the car this morning and REFUSED to go to sleep. EVEN WITH REALLY STRONG TALK FROM HER MOM! AHHH! No nap. ahhh....thems the breaks.

Yes, it looks like Jason will be gone all of Sunday and Monday...I on just aiming real low and hoping for the best. For me that is. I'm glad Jason can go hopefully. At least its General Conference this weekend so I don't have to get dressed up and wrangle them at church. We just watch it on the internet.

Jason's grandpa died and he will be going to the funeral. He was a few days shy of his 98th birthday and lived a wonderful life. Grandpa Harston was a patriarch (go ask a mormon what that means), served like 7 missions and was very intelligent (Jason's got some sweet genes, no?). No sadness here, we know we will see him again. My sister in law said it way better right HERE


Becky said...

You guys are busy. I LOVE the bug hat. And I think that Paisley looks like her sisters. Maybe Darby's eyes and Bailey's nose? Please don't be angry if I spelled some names wrong! Glad to hear what a great man Jason's grandpa was. :) They'll need him over on the other side too! PLEASE call me if you need help oh stubborn one! I mean it! Amber is gone, so you have to call me, well, not that you don't have any other friends miss popular, but I am probably the closest in proximity. wow that was a long comment. sorry. the. end. :)

Lindsey said...

I love that you do wavy hair with Darby! And I love the bug costume. And where did they find that stuffed animal? That is pretty funny. I think Paisley is soo pretty. She reminds me of Baylie alot. Way to go teaching your kids to be self suficient (sp?)! That is good for them. xoxo

Tara said...

I love your look on reality. I was laughing through the first half about grabbing a pear or some water. I do the same with Brooks, but I only have one older one than the newborn! Can't even imagine how you can hope for a nap with the family, but that is great to always have hope that there IS a chance for a nap at some point!! I just so love your post cuz I can hear your voice while you are writing.

Nancy Jo said...

Great pictures of your kids! I think Paisley still favors Luke. Love Darby in the bug costume and Baylie in the witch hat. Hope Darby's preschool teachers don't read about Petey. I personally would have thrown him in the dryer first incase of bugs - if you know what I mean. Good luck this weekend, I know you will do just fine. Remember popcorn and apple juice make a great meal : )

brandon said...

i think your kids are looking more like evans', wahoo

Hicks Family said...

I'm sorry to hear about Jason's grandfather, but it sounds like he was really amazing. The world needs more men like him.

I feel your pain with being up at 2am..Collier had his days and nights backwards for several weeks and I felt so alone at 3am! Hang in there and I'll be praying that you get some sleep in the next few days!

Beth said...

My sister took home the kindergarten monkey named Fred once and I really remember it. Taking photos of him going to the store, on outings, etc. Actually I think he was at our house over Xmas so that was pretty cool. Have fun with the penguin. Such a cute idea.