Monday, September 28, 2009

I don't know what to title posts all the time and my brain is melting...

This is my yard...with grass. Isn't it pretty? May your jaws drop open. No the back does not have grass yet.

All in good time.

Or long time whatever happens first.

Where is a good place to buy plants? I need some plants. We just got grass.

Oh the tiny and millions of things that are Darby's toys.

How the house can go from pretty dang clean for us to really killed in just one dump and spread of her itsy bitsy teeny weeny tons and tons of toys.

Also known as future choking hazards or "People" or Disney princesses or Polly pockets. Its a mix really.

My girls. Check them out.

My Nostrils...check them out. (Not really)

And those eyes probably have my new contacts that have caused me to cry a few times this week in my attempt to shove them in my eye for the first time. But I think I have conquered them...only to know that in my right eye my prescription is a mighty .25 which they don't even really make, but my left I is a .75 which is slightly legitimate (all these numbers meant nothing too me a week ago so excuse if you don't know what I'm talking about means you got you some good eyes and don't know the lingo). But what happened to my left eye then? Well I think its from when I poked myself in the eye with a nerf rocket and scratched my cornea three years ago which is one of my shining moments really. And a dang good story actually. I ordered me some glasses too but they didn't come in. The rest of 2009 is all about getting fixed.

And cute smelling Paisley who I think might have her days and nights confused. I need to go read a parenting book.


Nathan said...

Hey!! The grass is awesome! That is great! So pretty. Sorry Paisley has her nights switched around. All mine did for at least a month. I love to see picts of the kids. They look so cute. Healthy Sleep habits is my favorite though! You should read all your spare time. MIss ya!

Tanya said...

The grass is awesome!! I can't wait to see it in person :D ...aren't tiny toys awesome????

Becky said...

Go Darby. If you're gonna make a mess better do it right!

Becky said...

Ps. Love the grass.

brandon said...

make sure you water that grass a lot!!! man if i had a weak prescription like yours I would NOT even think about wearing contacts and really most likely not wear glasses either. Your bad eye is less than 1/4 as bad as my better one, and mine are good compared to dad, court, D.

Mrs. Anderson said...

My goal for this week is to get glasses - so here's to knowing the lingo very soon!

Carl said...

I love the for where to buy shrubs--In this economy a lot of wholesale nurseries have started selling to the public. I would look up wholesale nurseries in the phone book and on craigslist. You can get good shrubs for cheap that way.

Tina W said...

My eyes are 7.00 and 3.50 -- it's pretty normal that they're different. And, I hate all corrective lenses.