Monday, August 17, 2009

School is Here

This is what happens when your sister and brother is in school.

And you get to go to the park with your mom by yourself, for the first time in your life. The weather was cool, the park was new and we were the only ones there, strange place we live.

Darby LOVED preschool. She said they played hop scotch and made cupcakes (later she told me it was out of sand and grass) and came home singing a Please and Thank You song...we are sold. Yes, its at a house.

But this girl can't be left out. So here is her first day of school picture on Luke's first day of school. Backpack included.

Luke as a first grader. Check out those huge feet!

Ahh, goodbye to summer. We finished with a visit from our old California friends who now reside in Utah.

Chilling in the jacuzzi cause there was poop in the pool. Not from us actually! That makes it more gross.

FYI Misty, not moping when you are pregnant because you are nearly catatonic and on a feeding tube does not count. But thanks for making me feel better :) If it wasn't for the daily IVs, I'm sure your floor would have been lickable fact I'm sure it was, you just were not aware :)

And since I am shouting out my friends, if you have not peeked at my friend Jana's family recreation of her brothers GI guys, you are sorely missing out. Please click on the picture to enlarge and understand the awesomeness. It was quite a spectacle...and the coolest thing I've seen. Seriously it totally beat the helicoptor with the guy hanging on the ladder at Zuma beach that was actually advertising for the GI Joe movie. If only they knew about the Robertsons!

Misty and Jana are both old roommates from BYU, and Jana is the only person I know with 11 siblings (yes that means 12 kids!). Talk about a house that was a party. She is also one of the few people shorter...or short and is one of my favorite people. Misty, of course you are too.


christy said...

Avery is also attending preschool at someone in the neighborhood's house. He's very excited. I am very excited for them all to get back into school too.

embot said...

Oh, is that the Golden Spoon? We wanted to hit that after our derailed waterpark day but the Habit was all we could muster.

I think i need some right now. yummmm.

cute first day of school pics!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the kids first day of school pictures! Looks like Baylie was spoiled for the day - good for her!

Amber said...

The pool is clean now. We could still go. And minus some kids. It will be easy peasy!!!

And I totally owe you for calling me today!!! Thanks.

Lindsey said...

Those are great school pictures. And so fun for Miss Baylie who gets to have Mommy and Me dates. I miss you guys in a huge way! I wish Dallas was learning please and thank you songs. Maybe I should find one and teach it to all of mine. xoxo

jana said...

Thanks for the shout out! Next time we will have to check in with our Hollywood connections and see if we can't make some money or atleast get in a newspaper.