Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Really is there a better way to spend your night? I love this movie. I could watch it all the time. I got sucked in again while Jason is playing basketball tonite. The soundtrack is so beautiful as well. One day I will see the longer version, whenever I can squeeze away 8 hours or so, right? Is that how long it is?

On my current news, Miss Paisley has decided to give me some rest for a bit. I might of spoke too soon in her early she'll probably trick me and come right on time again. I swear there has not been a more anticipated baby girl...I worry I'll jinx her by talking about her so much.

My friend brought another little girl into the world yesterday, very healthy and the third girl in her family as well. I think they must come in packs?

I have been enjoying the three kids I have very much lately. We have been homebodies which isn't really like me, but have done okay. Luke is happiest when I pick him up from school, he is still finding his footing there. Wish him luck.

Just feeling dang lucky ya know? If you haven't checked out NieNie Dialogues that is what has done it for me lately. Just reminds me that we are all beautiful. Us women. Every single one of us.

Did you know President Monson's birthday is on Friday?


Lindsey said...

I didn't know that was President Monson's Birthday! That is Hawaii's Statehood day--the day it became a state. No school or work for Nathan. Yay. I am glad Paisley is giving you a break! And I do love that movie.

Manda Mae said...

went vt with your mom yesterday... she is such a great lady! she is really excited to see you next week. the LONG bbc p & p is SOOOO good! I have seen it many many many times.. I follows the book verbatim, but i usually have to watch it in spurts.... WHAT MOM HAS THAT MUCH SPARE TIME?!?!!?

christy said...

I love both this one and the long one, but usually watch this one b/c of time and it's a bit more dramatic. my sister in law had a baby boy yesterday. i now have a new nephew, Clive. He was two weeks early. My kids started school today. I hope they have a blast. Just me and Avery at home again. Kinda nice.

Tanya said...

i'm glad Paisley has given you some rest. This morning weather has been so nice (i hope you have had it too) I've decided if this is another boy I get to call my kids a "gang" right? "yes and over there is the Low Gang"...HA HA...what do you call a pack of girls? My mom just called us "the girls"

Sarah said...

Did I just get a shout out on your blog? I'm going to assume I'm the friend who had the baby yesterday with the three girls. If not, I'll still take it as me. I do like saying "my girls". We'll see. I know we want a 4th. Maybe we'll have another girl and I'll still get to say "my girls". Either way, I so enjoy reading your blog. Makes me wish I updated mine more often with thoughts and just the daily life of what's going on instead of waiting for "stuff" to happen to post.