Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Day

Ya know after I post a woo is my pain post, I'll be waking up feeling just dandy.

So there you have it.

My floors might actually get mopped today. The orange pinesol is in the sink waiting for me.

We are dancing to Shakira's new song, She Wolf...okay, so the girls are, I'm watching. Don't get too crazy there, the belly is still big.

But as of 10:14 a.m. we are looking good. Good cause I have plans to see Julie and Julia tonite.

Off to mop!


Sara Jane said...

sounds like a lot is going on. I'm jealous of your normal school year. I still keep thinking I'm going to go crazy waiting for the next 4 weeks for school to start.

I don't think Paisley will be too small if she comes early. Baylie was a good size 9 days early so I wouldn't worry about that--and they usually say each baby is a little bigger.

Your mom coming is a tough one. I guess I have no faith. With porter I was 90% effaced and dialated to a 1 by 36 weeks and kept diating, but I still booked the ticket on by due date and Porter came 2 days late--ugh!

Hang in there. Hope you didn't over do it today. At least you are getting out and having fun.

G. Sterling McCoy said...

thats a great idea. our floors are disgusting, could use a little mopping themselves

and my guess is sept. 9th

Lindsey said...

What is Julie and Julia? Hey! shower picts were great! I hope you are feeling good still. Miss you!!!

mist said...

If it makes you feel better...I never mopped the floor once the entire time I was pregnant:-)

jana said...

It makes ME feel better knowing that Misty didn't mop during pregnancy! I barely get to the mopping when I'm not pregnant.
I just got your post on the GI Joe fun - We all ran to the good will and army surplus and got whatever we could find and then we spent the day of the movie adding detail like dragons, bullets, chinese stars, etc. I was surprised with what everyone came up with. Ben was at scout camp so he was a no show.
Good Luck with your last weeks!!