Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ok Folks Here is the Breakdown

My due date is not til Sept 12.

I'm obsessed with numbers and have been dreaming of a Sept 14th baby or the 13th (my dad's ...and the 13th is lucky in my family).

Or a 9-9-09. But really I didn't love that one. Maybe too close to 6s?

Right now I have Luke on the 14th, Baylie on the 4th and Darby on the I was thinking a number with a 4 in it....maybe 4th baby on the 14th? yes I have control issues. I like to plan.

But babies don't like plans. I think they like to sabotage them sometimes. And I asked my lovely doctor what the crystal ball said and he didn't have one. "But if you were a betting man..." Nope, nothing out of him, but I won't make it to my due date. Well, duh.

But I'm feeling like she is coming tomorrow in the way I feel. Okay, so not tomorrow, but like soon.

I have not ever got this much action this early. Like take my breath away ouch...but from weird and unusual places I have not been affected before. But I don't feel like I've had steady contractions ever and I swear I know what one feels like.... Or not cause then there is back labor and all that fun confusing stuff.

But I'm feeling cruddy and crappy and shooting things up legs and sharp pains. Having to stop and rest while I shop at Walmart. No fun.

So now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get into Sept and the doctor would agree.

I've never had to purposefully make myself be a lazy bum so that a baby would cook a little longer. I don't like feeling like a lazy bum...Not when sleep is not my friend at the moment and I still have lots to do. My kids might even start getting sick of TV....and the most laziest places.

Usually by the time I feel like this its a week before and its a green lite. I feel if I resumed my normal lifestyle (ie: not on the couch all the time and always grabbing for a chair) then she could be here next week.

But here are my concerns....My mom needs to be here.

When should she come?

Don't want to waste her time coming too early, but she has seen all my babies born and we don't want her missing one if we can.

(Claire and all you Hornsby girl's your moms see all your babies too, just from the other side, I know they are watching...probably kiss them bye)

The second thing is that I have smaller babies and really want little Paisley as plump and healthy as can be. Baylie was 9 days early and was 6 lbs 14 oz, Luke 7 lb 6 oz and Darby 7 lb 10 oz basically on their due date.

Yes I worry too much.

Yes pregnant women are a bit loopy.

Yes you probably feel sorry for Jason...but as I like to remind him, it could be worse :)

No I have not vacuumed my floor in ages or mopped ...Misty you would be disgusted....
Because we are trying to keep it together and I think the vacuum will do me in. Really it will. I can barely just unplug the clog toilet from today and wash all the panties Baylie peed in...twice...once while standing in the dishwasher....which is another story.

No, it probably wasn't a good idea to paint that room the other day, but that day I was doing okay and Carpe Diem people!

Strange thing is that I'm not swollen yet. And I get really swollen. Because its too soon really for me to get this much action and not be swollen and still have weeks to go! Ahhh!!!!

But I did locate some bottles. Haven't washed them, but found the box.

I bought some pacifiers.

My friend mailed me the cutest handmade blanket. And my other cute friends got her a Bebe seat that I've been trying to borrow from everyone with no luck.

Clothes are in the drawer. No diapers or formula yet but those are easy.

This is too much information really. Because what will happen will happen. Right? And we are still praying for healthy over here.

My last request is will someone please invent a Hershey's candy bar with spinach puree in it? One that doesn't affect the flavor of course. Cause I feel like I need to eat some spinach or something green this week, but all I keep grabbing is another Hershey's candy bar. So get on that please.

By the way, Luke said school was really fun. Yahoo. And there are 8 boys in his class.


Manda Mae said...

your posts are so funny! I like to read them! sorry you are feeling awful... good luck... you sound a bit ocd about things like i can relate... and I say forget the spinach all together... MORE HERSHEY'S PLEASE!!!

brandon said...

sounds like you will have to do what i have done and bite the bullet and learn to be especially unproductive when you don't want to. and then teach court while you are at it : P

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

okay that sentence about moms on the other side just make be cry like a baby! With all the crap going on with my mom I just get sad thinking that the next time I have a baby she probably won't be here and it just makes me ill. But that sentence gave me a little comfort. Thanks.
I hope you have that baby soon. You have every right to sit there and do nothing!

Nash said...

sometimes the mental part of pregnancy is the worst part.
i was cracking up when you talked about numbers.
my first two were inductions, so my first was on june 3rd. then my second girl i was scheduling induction and it was days from the first kid and instead of having her the day before (thought it might make the oldest feel bad-why?) i had her the day after. this way i had the 3rd (first baby) and the 4th(second) AND they were the 3rd and 4th grandchild too. but believe me i tried to have her in may, too many decisions.
my 3rd was a boy due the same week as my girls. would not induce me, i ended up having him on his due date the first of june. he was the first grandson too, so with my control issues, that worked for me. now if i could just control when i get pregnant. 3 bdays in one week just about kills me.

Laura said...

you are wise to take it easy - don't worry about the housework - that is how I felt the week I had Mia - like I couldn't do a dang thing but sit on the couch - and she was 3 weeks early, and 6lbs 4oz - but still healthy as can be so don't worry too much. good luck and at least some of your kids are in school to make it a little easier on you. (and p.s. my sister was very pleased that all 4 of her kids were born on a multiple of 5 date, so you are not the only crazy)

Tanya said...

funny!! You should take it easy it will only get crazier and you should take advantage of a little calm before the storm especially with the kids in school and having at least half day breaks. If you need anything let us know...the boys loving playing with your kiddos so if they need new playmates let us know. :) everything will be perfect. I bet your mom is getting a little uneasy about your unpredictability. my mom missed the first then missed the second so I think she has given up and doesn't really have plans to make the third, lol but what can you do it is hard to tell sometimes.

Amber said...

Well, today is the 14th. That would be good. Or the 24th. It's coming up soon. Other than that, you will have to wait until Sept. 4th. But I don't see it happening. Not when I was walking around school with you two days ago and you had to stop every 3 minutes because you were having a contraction (which you were trying to deny.)

And go ahead and eat hershey bars. I hear that sugar in the last trimester makes for bigger babies. Don't know if it's true. Just heard it.

Maria said...

Even if sugar in the third trimester doesn't make bigger babies, it does make for a happier mommy--So eat away!

Amber said...

I felt miserable like that with all kinds of pain with Lillian. They induced me a week early, so I don't know when she would have come on her own. I'm voting for Sept. 13th because not only is that your dad's birthday, but it's my mom's too. I wanted Lillian to come on the 13th, but that was too early. Thanks for thinking of us. I know my mom was there for them too! Good luck with everything and try to relax. Enjoy as much as you can in case this is your last one.

Heather said...

If you feel like it could be soon, I'd go ahead and have your mom come out. I know she would hate to miss it too. I'm sure she wouldn't mind spending some extra time with yall. I need to quit checking your blog when I'm at work. What you said about my mom watching too made me cry. Then I was trying to get the redness to go away before my boss came in. I don't think she would freak about me occasionally checking blogs at work, but I'm not going to take any chances.