Friday, August 21, 2009

Lets all feel bad for Jason

Because he is married to a crazy person. His wife has been hijacked. An emotional, pregnant, unstable person who can't make a decision has taken her place. (Side note, please don't let me scare you from having children, babies are wonderful, not everyone is crazy, just me) Cause I'm sure hoping this isn't what I'm really like, cause I'm sure 'normally' I'm really normal and stable and rational, right ?

But Jason suffered through watching part of Project Runway last nite with me while I had a pity party for myself cause nothing was going right and I had plans to leave the house. Not my hair, my earrings, I smelled like garlic, my shirt was dirty, I was very late, and just was feeling like a big old wannabe loser kinda of day. But he watched it with me and even found the channel while I was too busy whining and crying. Watched Korto not win again. Even though it was as painful as the history channel is for me (History stinks, Discovery good).

So though he might not write me love notes or bring me flowers as much as I would like...he loves this crazy person I have become, or possible have been always.

Good thing the kids have him. Cause there mama yells too much and is always hot and uncomfortable for two more weeks. Good thing I have him too. And good thing he has basketball to play to get out of this crazy house sometimes.

I love watching him read books to the kids. Especially cause book reading sometimes makes me very sleepy. Although I really do love Pinkalicious. And Fancy Nancy.

Here is some cheap McCoy entertainment. Pretend its your birthday and 'open your present' only to find a puppy inside AKA your sister.

Once a day these girls will end up in dresses. I don't know why. And tell me how beautiful they look. Once a day Baylie will get back into her pajamas, usually right before I pick up Luke from school. Probably cause her pjs are princessy and silky and just too cute for her to go all day without them. I think I need cuter pjs.

Luke told me last night that he wished he smelled like GARLIC because then he would always smell good. Which I thought was funny cause I didn't know what fresh garlic was till I was married. My little six year old is already a little foodie. I told him although garlic does smell good, it doesn't smell that great on people (as I was smelling my shoulder).

But its healthy to cry once a week right? I think so. In fact, I think I was really over due. Even after realizing how ridiculous to worry about hair when I read about NieNie, but really, ridiculous is still in my crazy hormonal body.


Jason said...

who's that big slug in the blue shirt and glasses? don't recognize him.

funny thing about reading with the kids is Baylie. she has the worst attention span and gets up and down about 50 times, and those aren't long books! hey, i've actually fallen asleep a few times while reading, sometimes it is really hard.

I must say Runway at least is way more interesting than Top Model, but it is still like listening to nails on a chalkboard. I do feel like I need to watch some UFC on Spike or something to get that man flavor back in my mouth, but not too much. It was nice hanging out with you though Honey! By the way, my pick for winner is...the crazy haired Asian dude.

Tanya said...

lol, I love your response Jason...WE missed you brooke and hope you can make it next week. Cute post!!!

Nathan said...

What a sweetie of a husband Jason is! Your post was too funny b/c last night I was having a pity party and Nathan watched a Vh1 version of bachelor and sea biscuit with me! But I am not preggo so no excuses. xoxo

brandon said...

that jason book reading picture was cute, i love how luke is trying to see the book and darby is studying it and darby in a box looked so cute.

Beth said...

You sound just like me when I was about to pop with Audrey. Something about giving birth any day takes you to a CRAZY place. Sorry Brooke. :( Maybe you need A LOT of chocolate, or something yummy.

Renee said...

Ohhh Brooke! You sound like me a couple of months ago. It stinks being pregnant I know. I know this doesn't make you feel better but it's almost over.

I'm also laughing because you are too funny. I almost feel like I hear you saying this.

Jason you ROCK!

Brent and Emily said...

At least your family's version of playing with big empty cardboard boxes is not as creepy as ours was. We played funeral, not birthday. We'd all gather around the closed box with a kid in it (parents participated too) and would say nice things about the person in the box because it was their "funeral". We're strange folk...