Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday and Teeth

Caramel popcorn on Fridays. With a movie. Narnia right now.

"Sticky Popcorn" as my kids renamed it. This is a very Evans food.

I never can remember the recipe and its 3 ingredients.

I always need to call my mom or my sister Courtney (the queen of caramel popcorn...good to be queen of something right?)

A full batch (which was too much today) is 1/2 cup popcorn kernals

Melt a stick of butter, 10 large marshmellows and 1 cup of brown sugar.

Pour over popcorn and Mix.

The two teeth that got pulled. Can you see that one creeping in already?
He showed me that in the middle of church one Sunday. He was like a shark. The dentist gave us a month to pull it himself, but then we had to have it pulled. The second one was a surprise to me when he showed me what was in that little container around his neck. Sneaky dentist.

Worker Bee.... all three of them filled those bags for me. Amazing what they'll do for a Hostess cupcake. Yes, we are on a health kick over here.


Heather said...

I've had your Mom's caramel popcorn, and it is so good. Can't eat alot of it because it's soo sweet. That's funny that you "paid" them with junk food. Mel's kids raked my yard for some pop tarts a couple of weeks ago.

Nancy Jo said...

WOW you did a lot of work! Good for Luke to help! You need to not be doing any more of that hard work if you want Paisley to wait til Sept. to arrive : ) Luke looks so old with his missing teeth. Thanks for the picture!

Laura said...

that is my favorite carmel popcorn recipe. so easy, so good, stays soft, and always a hit.

Lindsey said...

My kids call it Sticky Popcorn too! I love that stuff!! Good idea. That is amazing that they raked all those leaves! What a good Mom you are. Luke's teeth look great! Very exciting! Hope you have a restful weekend!!

Hillary said...

Will you share the recipe or is it top-secret? It looks so good. I wish that I could click on the picture and place an order for a midnight delivery ;)