Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sharla is Married!

No, this isn't who Sharla married...its her brother, and the last single McCoy...out of eight.

We had a wonderful trip to Washington and it was great to see Sharla so happy.

We love Washington. I always forget how rural it is where they live. Good for my city kids soul to run free in the huge backyard at grandmas. Laying on the hammock and and finding snakes. Picking plums off the tree...so quiet and green. Playing til they were so tired they couldn't move anymore. I think it looks like Alabama, just different trees...oh yeah, and that huge volcano Mt. Rainer in the background.

Here's us at the temple and a sampling of the wedding colors.

Is this a bridal picture or what?

This picture is late in the day after being very good and taking lots of pictures and being in 'church clothes' for too long. Sometimes a girl just has to climb a tree. These are apple trees in grandma's backyard...

The cute shoes and toes of my girls (these are Darby's).

Baylie and the Bride

All 18 of the McCoy cousins with Sharla. I don't think there is a more loved Aunt. When she came out of the temple, they all just mauled her with hugs. My girls thought she was a princess. My Paisley will be #19 and just found out #20 is coming in February via Boston!

The McCoy sisters and sister in laws. Seriously a fun bunch of girls I'm lucky to be related too. There is nothing more fun than getting pedicures with all of you. Or seeing a late movie and talking all night. I thought a family of four was fun, but eight is great especially when you like them! Its a fun club to be in. Love trading McCoy boy stories. I love that Sara for letting us stay with her and invading her home. I'm still glad I didn't sleep in your bed :)

G with his Mama. Isn't this cute?

Jason with his Darby.

The McCoy boys with their little sister. Its the Jaw and the Noses. Got to be intimidating for Dal to marry into this clan. Seriously when we were in the temple, it was a pretty amazing sight with all of the wives and husbands taking up a whole side for Sharla and Dal to see. Like a herd of big brothers and sisters.

Luke in front of the Seattle temple. Handsome little man.

Cute Morleys....

Cannon with the groom. Uncle Dal now.

Mackenzie ... the oldest McCoy cousin.

I'm having low disk space issues on my computer so maybe its good that the only pictures that were handy were just of the wedding...and not the three times to the lake, major Dodgeball tournament, kickball, family home evening, opening flag ceremony...and the rest of the fun from the reunion to come.

A little word to the wise...we all know there is a major slump when returning from a wonderful vacation, I just always seem to forget how slumpy it can be.

So as a note to myself for next time (Go 2011!) the day I get back from the trip I will chant.... "Oh yes, this fits perfectly because this is SUPPOSED to be the crappiest day ever."

Like the twenty times I need to when Baylie is dumping milk on the floor and hitting everyone and painting on herself. (Oh yes, Crappiest day ever) And my kids won't eat my dinner and are complaining and missing their fun cousins I remember that the day after our trip is supposed to be really horrible. I think its a law.

Or when I have to go to the hospital the same day we flew home cause I just felt so crappy and then needed a shot to stop the contractions (I'm 35 weeks people, not ready yet) even though we had already been up since 3 a.m. that morning to make our 6 a.m. flight. Just in the cards.

And then the second day after the trip I can chant, "Oh yes, this is SUPPOSED to be the second crappiest day," when our power goes out and I'm sweating and cranky in my 90 degree house.....

But thankfully I think we've balanced to the regular level of craziness which involved Luke getting two teeth pulled this morning at the dentist and us having half our power back on (The AC and fridge working which is morning important anyway).


Maria said...

Glad you're back. I missed you even if only through my computer :)

Jon and Stacey said...

Hi Brooke! Oh I love the Seattle temple! I am glad you guys had a good time. We miss you...are you sure you don't want to come back to the valley?!?!

Beth said...

It is so hard to come back from a trip. Esp. with kids and their schedules and all. Brooke - you look AMAZING!!!! Sharla is the only girl in that family of boys?? So cool. I always wanted brothers. :) See you soon.

Crazy Lady said...

sharla got two sisters too...the blonde and brunette on each side of her

Crazy Lady said...

sharla got two sisters too...the blonde and brunette on each side of her

THE VEA DUO said...

You look AMAZING!!! Pregnancy looks good on you. :)

I seriously don't remember what my body used to look like. When are you due?

Oh, and Luke totally looks like the brother in the first picture. (Which I wouldn't expect because I think he looks like you) Hmmmm......

Courtney said...

Congrats to Sharla! I loved all the pictures. You will have to tell Garland that I have some Haynie cousins that he needs to meet.
Thanks for posting all the pictures. You and the kids look so cute. By the way, why did Luke have to get 2 teeth pulled at the doctor?

Lindsey said...

Those were gorgeous pictures!!! Sounded so fun there. Sorry about the crappiest day ever. And 2nd day. Those have been some crazy days home with you going to the hospital. No power when you are pregnant should be illegal. And then Luke got two teeth pulled! Man, I hope you get more power turned on. You look so pretty in all the picts! Love you!

Tanya said...

cute pictures. I can't believe you are 35 weeks your pregnancy went by fast for me, lol. I am a little jealous of your washington trip but we are planning one for next year so I will wait!! Then I will show Bryan my old stomping ground (he has never been). We should get together before paisley comes and gets super crazy for a little while

cori said...

the vegas mccoys love the LA mccoys.

and they lived happily ever after.

{can't wait to be together again}

love ya!

embot said...

Brooke, you rock. Your description of the re-entry back in to life after a vacation is DEAD-ON.

i hate those days too.

Emily Faggard said...

I'm so jealous. That sounded like the best vacation ever. Glad you guys had fun.