Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Days in California

It is by accident that this picture was first, but isn't it funny? My niece Brenna is a hoot. and sleeping at my house right now for the first time on their almost last nite in California. Boo Hoo.

Miss B...who is pooping on the potty....its the little things in life really.

Dallas is such a cutie. How do you react to people moving? I deal with it by DENIAL.

At their going away part at their grandma's.

Some pictures show the true personality of children.

Luke thinks he is so funny in this picture. We will miss the Pfisters. Hawaii here we come.


beth said...

Hawaii is soooooo amazing. I know you will miss her, but it is so awesome to have an excuse to go there. At least twice a year I say. Maybe more???? Save some pennies.

brandon said...

those pictures/the kids are so cute!

alison said...

cute pics! I'm sad that the Pfister's are moving so far away too! Hawaii's not a bad place to visit, though...

btw, brooke, did you win a cookbook on bountifulkitchen blog? that's awesome!