Saturday, June 6, 2009

Helper Surprise

I got a few surprise phone calls last week. One was friend my friend Roxann saying that the youth group was looking for a service project for youth conference and was there anything they could do for me? I was like YES! THANK YOU!

(this cute girl is Alyssa, one of my awesome babysitters and great helper)

So they got the dirty work of cleaning out my garage, wiping down the shelves, and breaking them down. I was super impressed. Here is cute AC and Mary.

And organizing all the stuff that wasn't in boxes...

Did I mention it was a big job? Jason and I were talking later that it would have taken the two of us an entire Saturday and it took them 1 1/2 hours. But it was dirty work. We used to have a rat problem and you could tell. And I think the black widow count stopped at 6.

We are so grateful. Jason has been a bit MIA (due to work and his second home being fixing up the house) so this was a big relief to me. Seriously an answer to prayer on how I was going to manage this move. They all had such good attitudes and were so nice to my girls while they were here. (the blondes are part of the famous Means family I'm always yapping about...the one by me is the mother even though she looks like a sister). I counted including me (although I did the least) youth plus leaders we had 12 (one taking the picture). It was awesome.

Oh yeah, then they loaded up my van like a master pro and I took a bunch up it up to Jason. When he was taken it out of the pimp van he kept saying, Wow, they did a ton! I know.

The second weekend surprise was that cousins were coming to visit! So we had a slumber party!

Here are the two brother-less cousins. It was a blast. We'll take cousins for as much as we can even if its a few hours. And we love surprise visits...a benefit of living by Disneyland and the beach, people always want to come. All five kids slept in the same bed which means it was full of giggles til about 10 p.m. But well worth it. Can't wait til see all 18 McCoy cousins romping together in July (19 being in womb).

Mama McCoy arrived last night... the half the cavalry for the moving adventure.


Amber said...

That is so awesome that the youth came and helped clean out your garage. What a huge blessing. And yay for your MIL getting into town. You're getting close to the end, and our ward is SO excited you're moving in. They probably already have callings for you. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but hey, at least you know you are wanted and needed!

christy said...

hooray for help! i'm sure it made them feel so good to be able to help.

brandon said...

funny baylie picture and really liked darby's jersey : )