Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I must like trees

Cause when I took my camera to Marshalls and Pier 1 tonite, that is what I took pictures of. this one had like four different color variations of the similiar thing, for $30. Too cheap to buy at the moment even though some were super cheap, but thinking maybe I could copy them? By the way, I take pictures of it to think about later and run past Jason, NOT THAT I NEED HIS PERMISSION, but just cause I like his opinion...unless it totally disagrees with mine.

This one is so calm. It was $30, but when I am actually going to make time to try and paint this? Plus I need a painting spot.

This one was $10 bucks. They had different versions and some in red. I was thinking it would look good in a trio. Just finding my style. $10 is definitely my style for reals. I know you don't care people, but I went looking for curtains and rugs and got distracted (cause I got a carpeted dining area....which I hate from my apartment dwelling...cause we totally ruin it...not me, the messy messy children that fling stuff everywhere and throw food off the table).


Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

carpeted dining areas are the worst. Seriously....who thought of that.

the happy thomas family said...

i agree. i'm living that same life. i toss that up there with the non-matching wallpaper everywhere. whoever came up with that idea wasn't all that bright.

i take pictures of things that i see in stores, too. things that i like and 'think' i can 'recreate' - 'one day'. 9 times out of 10, though, i wait for it to go on sale and then just buy it. but at least with photo documentation i don't forget about them, right? unless the camera gets 'misplaced'.

love the trees, by the way.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the end result! also, you could make your own curtains. it would be super easy and way cuter...pre-made curtains tend to be sooooo bland and ugly unless you fork out serious bucks. (even then, still on the boring side)

i'll send you some links on how to make your own art too. chris and i are doing the same thing! also, material stretched on canvas is what we are doing...maybe a stencil over it, and maybe a laquer too!

Laura said...

were those all at pier 1? i have been looking for something for forever to go up in my bedroom, but everything is so pricey and that is a good deal.

Lindsey said...

I love trees too. Maybe you could make a painting spot just for you in your new house!! Those are great.

English Garden said...

cute pictures, you should try Ikea for curtains, thats where mine are from, reasonably priced too. You should check out some of those HGTV shows, they are always making their own art work. Have you started moving stuff in yet?