Thursday, May 21, 2009

Zombie lady

For the beginning of the day I didn't think I would make it. Too tired. Too cranky. Too little sleep. House too messy...yadda yadda...who wants to hear more of this, not me.

So what did I do? After I yelled at Baylie too much for dumping out all the movies and all the clothes in Luke's drawer? (I wasn't mad at her for that, but that she REFUSED to lift one finger to pick them matter fact, she kept telling me No....or sometimes NO WAY which is not my favorite thing).

Well after yelling too much and being a bit of a worthless mother I decided I needed a nap. Right then. Even if it was 10 a.m. So we put Tinkerbell in the DVD player and all three of us sat on the 'cozy couch' with a comforter. That was for about 5 seconds before they left me there. I was out. But did happen to answer a few questions, get a drink for them and graham crackers and give some simple instructions like "Don't block the TV for Darby" all during my 'nap'.

Oh wait, I forgot about the part that right before that I ate the Scor bar that Baylie the destroyer had gotten me for mother's day. I knew that would help. Mentally at least.

And then I tried to do as little as possible before my friend was bringing her son over for me to watch while she volunteered at school (which she also does for me). Didn't do squat...check.

Cause I was just thinking that I needed to fix this or else I was going to hell. (by the way, I don't think hell is a swear word, even though Jason would strongly disagree) I mean that my kids would vote me in hell if they were given the choice (which I hope they never get the chance to do) because I was no fun. And they were sick of me, and frankly me too.

So then how did the day end up?

Well just dandy actually.

Cause they sure are cute, and do funny stuff.

We went to the park with some friends and we stayed way too long for a school night and had a great time. The kids got terribly dirty and were immediately bathed when we returned. Then I promptly left to finish shopping for Darby's birthday and Jason put them to bed.

I and sure do love those kids. And I think maybe they still love me. And Miss B didn't even run away from me as bad as she usually does, which means I didn't have to pee my pants again chasing after her. I'd call that success.

Yes Baylie was there even though not in the picture, pretend you can see her climbing up the bumpy slide.

By the way, I don't want any 'you not going to hell lectures' cause I'm just describing how I felt in that moment, thank you very much. And no, we mormons don't believe in that fire and brimstone hell is so easy to get to like some people do, but for more information on that you'll have to check out or or go find those young missionaries riding bikes down your street. And be nice to them, they aren't getting paid. And offer them a drink for me, cause you know one kinda nice sometimes crabby mormon girl.


English Garden said...

Your moving, I seriously wouldn't worry about cleaning up the old place anymore!! Start some packing so that the kids don't have as much to empty out, if you pack now 1/2 of the DVD's, toys etc, by the time you get to the new place and get the boxes out the kids will feel like its christmas and go crazy for the stuff they haven't seen in a while.

Lindsey said...

Thanks, that totally made me laugh--the play by play of the morning day. It's good you write it down so you can remember what life was like with little kids someday.

Nancy Jo said...

You do more Brooke than most non-pregnant people do! You deserve a break. Your kids are just darling and I can't wait to see them again!

Andrea said...

Loved the post. I also agree Hell isn't a bad word :) It's a place right? I can't believe all you do - RELAX girl! You deserve rest!!! No idea how you mothers do it all...