Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Fluff

So who did you vote for?

I voted for Chris.

Even though I think Adam is super talented I kinda felt like it was same old same old all season. You heard him yell once and it was getting old.

The long coat and smoke was too much for me. But he is definitely set for a while.
He is the shniz.

But Chris only got better. Although I do admit to looking away sometimes when he sings.

Do you think he looks like just like his wife? Or his wife looks just like him but with a blonde wig.


Did anybody watch Glee afterwards?

Totally up my alley. Cute cute.

As you might have guessed Jason was playing basketball and ya gotta do something while you are eating ice cream with your mom's fudge sauce and nuts on top.

Especially after a long day like today.

Anyone want to go to a 4:30 p.m. playoff game for the Rangers Wednesday? I'm bringing snacks.


brandon said...

I voted for Chris and I hadn't voted for him all season. I would love to come to the Ranger's game if I could. Good luck Luke!

Nancy Jo said...

oops that last comment wasn't brandon, it was me. I didn't notice he had signed in on my computer : )

christy said...

i also prefer kris. i would buy a cd like that, not adam screaming
i totally liked glee, gonna have to watch it and sytycd this summer

Bailey said...

I totally agree with you 100% about American Idol. Yes I voted for Chris too. He does somewhat resemble a chimp when he sings but John Mayer makes awful faces when he sings too. I would buy a Chris Allen album. However I really do think Adam is talented, I just would rather see him in Wicked than in concert.

I think I'm going to like Glee. I just wish they would go ahead and start airing the season now.

beth said...

I loved Glee. That was totally my world in high school. Funny.

Yes, I voted for both b/c I couldn't decide - but surprisingly I voted for Kris more times. But maybe b/c I felt sorry for him. That song was tooo high and I think it is totally lame that they didn't lower the key. Totally lame.

Tanya said...

I don't watch idol but I cought glee on Hulu today and It was good (fun) Kevin watched it with me and he liked the songs and when it was over said, "lets watch it again" we didn't....

Courtney said...

Okay. The American Idol finale was awesome. It was the best two hours of music I had seen in a really, really long time. I mean, I freaked out when Adam sang w/ Kiss and Queen. I am glad Kris won. I thought Adam had a better voice, but I know he will go far. I loved the finale though. It was awesome. It was so much better than any other one I had ever watched. And, can we just talk about how Black Eyed Peas are getting back together. I love them. They always make me want to shake me booty.
It was funny b/c the whole season, I was like Adam should have been born in the 70's/80's and been the lead singer of KISS. I was so stoked when he actually got to sing with them. He fit right in.