Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Four Year Old Daughter

She has been talking about an all-girl Cinderella party all year.

Baylie as Cinderella II

With a blue cake and blue cupcakes.

We delivered. Cause we love our Darby.

(when I was first doing her hair, she told me it was a little weird and that she thought she looked like the step mother instead of Cinderella. Fortunately she changed her mind)


Lane and Hannah said...

She looks so cute! And I can't believe she is four. Where does time go?

brandon said...

darby is beautiful and baylie too.

Nancy Jo said...

Love the beautiful Darby and Baylie princesses! Hope she had a great birthday!!!

Maria said...

We had a great time. Loved the castles!!

cori said...

what a beautiful little princess! i love her.

give her hugs and kisses from us!

Heather said...

How Cute! How creative to even make box castles.

English Garden said...

awesome, its cute she likes to have her hair done, I don't know what that feels like, maybe when Sara gets a little more hair.

Crazy Lady said... girl likes having her hair done. it is a struggle every morning. but i made her and she ended up okay with it.