Monday, April 6, 2009

You will win a pretend prize if you get this right

Okay, this is just for cute factor. Baylie holding hands with her buddy Porter.

First day of spring break, the zoo...check. It was hot. Thanks Tanya and Sara!

Okay, now the game begins.

1. Who is this general authority?

This one is double points because I don't even know his name and won't even know if you are right. He spoke right before President Monson, but I think the picture could also be President Monson, but Luke says no. I gave him some drawing pointers because we did watch a lot of conference which means lots of child time filling.

Post all answers in the comments section.

Important tip. As a child I drew a picture of President Monson, when he was an apostle. My mom mailed it to him and he wrote me back. And I've met him at Arby's once as a child, which means I love him even more. Was it an Arby's mom?

Okay, here are good ones.

2. Identify the girl on the left. It is a member of my family.

3. Identify this apostle.

He is one of my favorites. This is an easy one and quite impressive. I did coach him by drawing a picture simultaneously and he copied me. Warning, I don't remember him wearing a green shirt, but that would have spiced up conference even more.

Other important things to consider. I wonder how Baylie going to feel with her birthday always near conference weekend? Hopefully she'll think its cool we don't have to dress up for church and get to watch it on tv. Maybe that means she is super spiritual :)...also close to Easter....hmmm.

Or will she wonder why we have to watch 8 hours of church in one weekend... Okay, so we missed one session. 3/4 ain't bad...okay, I slept through another talk. Thankfully they are on and in next months Ensign.

So far my one of my favorites was Elder Bednar's talk on temples. And the man who spoke after him on temples and the home. Guess I need to go to the temple more. Were you surprised how many were about the economy and money?


Nancy said...

So is it President Holland and you? If so, he is really good! Has a little frankenstein look though. We met Pres. Monson at Crown Burger and he remembered grandpa for his work in helping get the Marriott Center built. I was so impressed he had such a good memory.

Nancy said...

Is the first picture Elder Quinton Cook?

brandon said...

i think it is a fantastic L tom perry in the first one if it is him, i know he smiles a lot and he spoke before pres meonson in the afternoon session? and he is tall and semi bald?

Nancy said...

Brandon is right. I didn't think who talked before Pres. Monson. I still think it looks more like E. Cook though.

Heather said...

That first picture is soo cute! Luke did a good job on his pictures.

Sarah said...

It must be Jeffrey R. Holland. He spoke just before Monson. I took notes. That's the only reason I know that.

And by the way, I think that's pretty special and cool that Monson wrote you back as a kid. I think that's pretty amazing of him that he would take the time to respond and forge a bond with you all these years. Do you know what I mean because now I sound cheezy?

Lindsey said...

1. Elder Andersen
2. Darby
3. Elder Holland
What is my prize??:)

shar said...

i'm thinking the first pic is of Quentin L. Cook and then Darby with Elder Holland. am i right?