Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Festivities

Baylie with her cake.

My kids waiting for their cousins to come.

Cold busted Jason sleeping during conference. This would be the classic Sunday afternoon session. Love that Darby gave him the baby and her blanket.

What do you during conference? We take pictures and look at them. And color. And play legos. And ....

I have to hurry this post up because its Spring Break and we are off to party. Don't call me I will not be home but will be visiting some new place everyday. Today is the zoo, the rest of the week....the aquarium, Natural History Museum, the farm, duck park....too bad its supposed to rain.

Baylie sampled her makeup. She thought she was hilarious.

Luke helping his sister clean up.

Please click on this picture so you can see how she got some on her teeth.

More conference talk and spring break mania to come! Got to go make sandwiches! Call me on my cell if you want to meet up sometime on high adventure week!


Lindsey said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever. I am pretty sure I fell asleep Sun Afternoon Conf. too. Conference, Dallas and Brenna colored and Dallas makes "books" as she staples paper together. They listen to the songs and prophet speaking, but that is about it. We love you B.

gina said...

Loved that picture of Jason sleeping with his dolly and blankie!

brandon said...

Darby is so beautiful and baylie too, i think Baylie looks like a Dalton.