Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Day 2 Adventure

What we've been listening to in the car on these grand adventures...

Little Mermaid soundtrack.

Signing time music, the rainbow song is most repeated

Les Miserables...a family favorite...every song but also
"2 4 6 0 1!"

And a mixed cd of my favorite beat thumpin songs,
gots to convert my children young

The radio once they've fallen asleep.

Did I mention that my children pick out their own outfits?

And it was easily 75 degrees today...you think 80 at noon? Hmm...

And that we love running in the rose garden by USC?

Have you held a madagascar hissing cockroach lately?

Science center

Dinosaurs pooped her out. Free day at the Natural History Museum.

If you have yet to experience the dinosaur puppet show do it.

I kept having to remind my kids it was a puppet, cause it wasn't like what they've seen.

Most of the kids were crying they were so scared and the dinosaur is so real and lifelike.

The show was a little too long, but it was amazing, seriously I wish I could see how it worked.

See here below. So much of it moved the head, arms, neck, was it a remote?

And it growled.


Amber said...

NO WAY! They held a roach. YUCK!!!! YUCK!!!!! YUCK!!!! I hate hate hate roaches. Hate. Hate them. Blah.....

Sarah Thomas said...

that dinosaur would have scared me too! very cool though. technology is amazing!

Tanya said...

how fun, next time you guys head down there, we want to go too. well we may do it before that. way cute pics. Keep up the good work on the high charged spring break.

Nancy said...

Fabulous pictures of the kids! Looks like you had such a fun week! I don't think you missed doing anything. I would loved to have been there except for the cockroaches - we have enough of them here.

Darek and Amberli said...

D: Dude, that Dino is awesome! Talk about kids crying, that thing freaked ME out! Looks so real.