Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Year Old Girl

I have a two year old. My baby is two. Baylie Mae McCoy.

And look, she can hold her toe.

A crazy cutie pie who likes to jump off stuff. High stuff. And climb. And run really fast. In the opposite direction as me. And be sassy. And give great hugs and kisses. And wake up early. And drink chocolate milk. She is probably the favorite of her least for a few more months. They think she is soo cute. So do I.

No this shirt does not say Obama people it says BAMA.

And my sister, Lolo, made the cute bow.

the girl loves the trampoline. But she has to jump all by herself. This is my favorite kind of tramp, the springless.

She loves makeup . Makeup makeup.
Schmearing it all over our sensitive skin face.

Present from Grandma McCoy. We love it.

Outfit from Nana...notice the shoes. There was a better picture, but it showed how dirty my house was, so here you go.

This girl really wished it was her birthday. Sometimes life is hard. But she loved all of her sister's toys and already pulled little mermaid's head off twice. Not so happy about that. But isn't her pajamas cute. Ohh, you really are a girl, even though during the day you are a tomboy and only wear your brothers hand me downs.

It was intense opening present experience. First time she could really do it alone and she loved it. "More' open present, toss, "More" , repeat. But it sounded more like "Morse"

Yes, and finally some toys just like my sister who does not share with me. Thank you Nana.

Sorry about the shadows on my camera, don't know why it does that.

But on Friday we did this. Aren't they cute things? Lindsey and I sure made a lot of girls, huh? And if they each have three kids thats fifteen kids right there was what I was thinking. Strange.

Since today is all about Baylie, here is Baylie holding Sadie.

And Miss B dressed as a princess showing her numbers.

And acting like her mama. Sorry for the nakedness. Love that tan line? That is called California spring.

Wahoo Baylie. You are so cool. We are so lucky to have you in our family. Now on to potty training...sometime.

Other McCoys news....Luke scored his first home run today. And got the game ball for that and making a great out. He was really proud of himself. Especially because they won, which is not always the case. But I'm also proud of him for doing so well when he strikes out. No big deal, he just blows it off. That is cool.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Aren't you supposed to be pregnant!?!?! You are SO SKINNY. =)

Crazy Lady said...

i'll pay you later sara, thanks

Lane and Hannah said...

Happy birthday Bailey! Molly turns 1 today. It's crazy how fast they grow up!

Tanya said...

yeah for Bailey, those were all such cute pictures. I can't believe she is two that means only 6 months until Adam is two...YIKES!!! (he is kissing the tv right now...i think he likes bailey, lol)

brandon said...

nice bama shirt!

brandon said...

also i like her middle name and the naked photo with her on the cell phone next to you on the cell phone.

brandon said...

email me back and tell me if you bought the tramp, and wow i didn't know springless existed.

brandon said...

LOVE! that picture with all the girls, brooke you look real skinny (maybe i am just used to the mirror)

Amber said...

Sadie looks like a doll in that picture. She's so cute. And Happy Birthday Bailey. I can't believe she's two. I feel like you JUST had her. And now you're on to your next. You are a "Crazy lady". Ha. Just kidding.

Beth said...

STOP! She is not two???!!! She looks really grown up and is VERY cute. What a big girl... about to be a big sis herself. Sadie looks like someone has trimmed her bangs already. I agree with Amber, she is a little doll. It's been too long since we've seen you all. Maybe we should do a Woodbridge day again.

Nancy said...

Darling pictures! Baylie looks so old! Love the one with you and Baylie on the phone. You look so much alike! Hope she had a wonderful birthday! Woohoo for Luke's home run! I bet Darby can't wait for her birthday. Great pics of the cousins too! Can't wait to find out what you are having....