Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where did we go?

Where did we go today?

To Long Beach of course.

To pet the rays and the sharks. Lots of them.


Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

I'm really just loving your steering wheel cover. And i love it when moms are on the go with their kids. And some of pacen and camry's favorite songs come from rihana and lady gaga. :)

Laura said...

brooke, you are such a fun, cool mom, taking your kids to so many fun places. can i be in your family? btw, i had to show chase the dinosaur video approx 20 times yesterday and another 20 times today. guess i should take him to that museum.

Courtney said...

That first picture is a little scary brooke. The aquarium sounds like so much fun. The McWane Science center in B'ham has an aquarium on one of their levels, and they are getting a touch tank this summer w/ stingrays and sharks. So, next time you guys are out here, you'll have to come visit me.

Nancy said...

Darling picture of kids! Sting rays still give me the willies after they did in Crocodile Hunter.

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Is that a leopard covered steering wheel? Awesome!!! Where do you even find those? I have to have one.
You are your kids are adorable. =)