Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh My

So we are 2 out of 3 cutting their own hair.

Baylie is the only one left.

Darby did it today.

2 minutes before we had to leave for Luke's baseball practice (which ended up raining so we ditched). She was supposed to find a brush, but found scissors instead. Not the best timing to find 2 inches of hair on the floor.

I just left it cause haven't decided what to do.

(I threw the hair in the trash, I mean I just haven't tried to fix Darby's yet)

This picture is from the last time she wore a different shirt. A different shirt than Luke's Alabama Jersey that she has worn everyday for a week.

Every single day. I'd say she's a fan, huh?

Or really more like a fan of her brother. She wears his old bama jersey and tells me.

"Mom, I'm a boy."

"No, you are a girl wearing a boy's shirt."

"No I'm a boy, see."

"You don't want to be a boy, girls are awesome....bla bla bla"

"No I'm a boy"

"But I'm a girl. And Baylie's a girl. Girls are cool. And you have all your cool princess stuff." do you do this one? So after three days of this, I finally remembered...

"Guess what Darby. You are a tomboy"

"A tomboy?"

"Yep, tomboys are girls that wear boy clothes. Nana was a tomboy. They are cool."

(Okay mom so I don't know if you actually wore boys clothes, but I know you told me you were a tomboy. If you have any other suggestions, please give.)

Whew....made it through this day. Yay, where is my prize? If I was really insightful I'd probably say the prize was being able to live this day. But fortunately Jason made a cheese danish run to the store. Good prize for me.



Jackie said...

I love Anoop-dog, too! How was indian food?

Nancy said...

I would ask her why she is a boy? Maybe she cut her hair and wears his clothes because she wants to play baseball. Ask her what makes girls special? If she comes up with the answer she will believe it more... just an idea.

christy said...

lidia went through this at about the same age and i would just talk about how we like to do things that are fun to boys and girls but we don't have to look like a boy to do it and how it's fun to maybe dress like a boy sometimes but we are still girls b/c our bodies and minds don't change.
aiden likes to act like he hates anything that girls like but tristan says he likes girl stuff and boy stuff.

Bailey said...

Yay for Anoop!!! I love him!

uncle brandon said...

go bama go!

Lindsey said...

Go Anoop--I was telling Nathan he is my new favorite. I LOVE that name. Gotta love the cutting hair. Dallas did it exactly 6 months ago! That is cool to be a tomboy and cute she loves her brother. We don't know about brothers in the house:).

Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

dude. I'm all about anoop. I've had my perogative in my head all day.

Andrea said...

Awe! Cutting hair is like a MUST for kids huh? I just love your blog! Thanks for adding a little smile into my days :)

cori said...

ok. brinkley spotted ursula in this pic. we don't have that toy.

i spotted your sewing machine. tell me sister, what are working on?

darby is so cute. so cute!