Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey, Maybe we are related

Isn't this an awesome picture? Check out my grandpa's finger. Ironically which one it is. Hmmm...maybe this is wear I get my arthritis from?

This is my one finger shot...back in 2003. Not to mention it was like when digital cameras were just getting started...or at least for me. This was taken on my video cam on my computer. This picture doesn't even come close to Gpas... I'm a wimp.

But my grandpa is not. He is a cool dude. He taught me how to ski. He loves to golf (I missed that one). The man is a great sandwich maker and is always offering me a drink (soda). He also makes some mean hot chocolate. Why are all my memories around food? Seriously I think I remember every restaurant I've eaten with them...the one in odgen with the licorice mints, the mexican one, Chuckarama, and fast food with fry sauce. Food and snow with grandpa. And watching Jazz games in my brief time as a Jazz fine during college. And he is a major BYU fan...Oh wait and I totally forgot about all those police academy movies.....

Change of Topic....

Happy Birthday Courtney! Happy Birthday little sis. You have a few hours left so soak it up.

So nice that you are an old twenty four now, maybe time to stop being a lazy bum. I mean you already have owned two homes that you remodeled yourself and had two babies. And scraped by a degree to boot. I think I forsaw your ambitiousness years ago when you were grilling steaks as a tween when mom and dad were out of town. Definitely older than your years. So start plucking out the gray now :). Much love and be sure to get your spankins!

Second Change of Topic...

I was just telling Jason this story after watching Lost on our Saturday 'date' and thought I need to write it down to remember it.

So Luke and I were on the couch and I had my feet up. Luke puts his hands around my calves and says, "Look at this chubby leg." he was talking to Baylie.

And I said, "No way, Luke, that is all muscle." (wink wink)

So then he was all impressed and said, "Wow, that is a big muscle."

"I know."

Which takes me to two days ago. Since I sneezed and am all ready popping out for being still early. That was happens to a five foot girl on her finale round. You sneeze, then pee your pants, and then have a belly.

So I tell the kids, "Look, there is a baby in there" because its noticeable.

Which they are in shock about and Luke puts his hand on my small belly and says, "wow, is that how it feels?" And I say, "Yes"

So then he puts his hands on my sides and says, "Mom, it feels the same here."

And I was just like, "Yeah it does huh? Funny that."

But I was busting a gut inside.

Love the brutal honesty of an almost 6 year old. The boy did 30 push ups today. Man ones. Probably after admiring my awesome calf muscle.


Lindsey said...

Brooke--great post! Totally forgot about the awesome police academy's! And your poor fingers--definitely don't look as bad as grandpa's. Actually, they kind of look like my pinky finger that is messed up from Disneyworld. Remember that:)? Just kidding.
About Courtney--definitely we knew she was mature and ambitious when she was doing the street car washing business. That was my favorite. All the supplies in the wagon from door to door. I definitely got the lazy card of the kids. xoxo Soon it will be your birthday!

Tanya said...

That is an awesome pic of your grandpa, It should be on one of those funny old people picture slide shows. His face even looks like he is doing that finger on purpose for a reason, lol. I can't believe your sis is 24 i remember when she came to our ward and she was like 18 or 19 and Jamie walker was totally into her or just getting over her or just about to like her or something. I just can't believe that much time has passed.

Crazy Lady said...

lo, i only put my finger picture up there to justify why i was showing grandpa flipping the bird to everyone. trying to act like i was tying it into something ;)