Monday, March 2, 2009

No Picture, but lots of random facts

I am sick. Sick and pregnant is no fun. Okay, so sick is never fun. Its just a cold, but I'm crying that Jason can dose himself with nyquil tonite and I have to make due. But I took everything medicine I was allowed to which are only wheeny ones, drank some chamomile tea, took a bath, and about to rub Vick on my neck and call it a day.

The reason I'm whining about this is cause I'm finally going to Indian tomorrow night with a fellow March birthday gal who also loves Indian (people tell us we could be twins by the way...see Pam's blog...wink wink) and I have a stinking cold. And I only get to eat Indian once a year folks!

Have had some thought provoking couple of days and sometimes that is no good. Introspection isn't always fun, huh. Usually its a bit painful. We had stake conference this weekend seemed like all the speakers were speaking to me. Sure hated that. How did they know all my flaws? Yuck. Cause while I've been loving Cali for the recent 80 degree weather I've had a chip on my shoulder about the housing issues, and the schools, and language barrier and preschool.... But then you go and hear all these stories about people who have it worse then you but made it through (the general authority was the youngest of seven kids and lived in a two bedroom, one bathroom house...and how close his family was because of it) . And they aren't whining. They have faith and perspective. So I guess I'll have a really close family too cause we'll always live on top of each other, but I'm glad for that. Close is what I want. But onto the happy.

That stinking Baylie's new favorite word is 'No WAY". She also laughs her hardest when playing Simon Says during family home evening. Makes us never forget family home evening, cause I love to see her so dang happy. Our version is more like, 'Copy whatever the heck I do" but say Simon Says right before it. Nobody gets out. Everyone is pretty creative, I'm probably the least. Simons Says and Duck Duck Goose. Those are the standard ones. For the lesson I usually pull out of thin air, because I'm quite the magician on short notice. A recent favorite is taking the green hymn book, flipping to a random page and singing that song. We all got two turns to pick a random page. What a range. Sacrament songs, Christmas and Patriotic. We don't do treats after cause we just need them to hurry to bed. But nothing beats that Simon Says.

I spent almost $5700 in 2008 on those lovely weekly shots that save me from being a cripple, or at least a hobbling ninety year old trapped in an almost thirty year old body. Good thing we can write it off. I love the stuff, but hate getting shots--like I would do a commercial for them, and tell them every time I talk to their company. Plus it would help pay for the medicine.

Luke had his first game. Didn't strike out and had a single and a triple...scored both times. Or is it made it to home? They lost the game, but he had a blast. And we got fried at the game, it was hot. Go Rangers!

March is full of a ton of birthdays for us. One sister, three brother in laws (okay, so one brother in law and two of Jason's brothers), myself, one son, one neice/cousin, one of my cousins, two baby friends turning one and a bunch of other fellow water sign friends.

Made a quiche last night and my family gobbled it up. How I love chick food. Luke had the rest afterschool. Called it the pie. Anything with bacon is good huh? And a crust.

Now I really have to go to sleep. And blow my nose.


Lindsey said...

So sorry you are sick!! That is the worst. Wished I would have called you today. Pretty amazing that you take shots all the time. I always forget it because you never talk/complain about it EVER! 5700$$ is a lot. I hope you get a big return for it. Hope you get some sleep tonight!

Hillary said...

Hope you feel better very soon! It's so hard to struggle through a cold when you're pregnant without the usual cold medications.

I love your FHE stories! Gets me fired up to do a better job planning SOMETHING on Mondays, even if it is quick and simple.

Maria said...

feel better!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Sorry that you're sick. You're a trooper because when I'm sick, I crawl in bed and shut the world a mom of 3, you can't do that. Wow...hang in there.
What are the shots for? $5700 is a lot.
You should share your "pie" recipe.

Tanya said...

sorry you are sick. and Sorry I won't be attending Indian food even though it is my "fav" ha ha ha. I will be bowing out of this one, lol. Have a blast and feel better. Happy Birthday!! (in a couple of weeks)

Renee said...

I am so sad to miss your birthday. I just remembered a couple of days ago and got sad. Sorry to hear that you are sick. Get better soon.

Nathan and Emily said...

Dangit! I'm loading up on Vitamin C right along with you girl! Please tell me when Luke has his next game, I would love to go!

THE VEA DUO said...

I missed Indian. :(

My in-laws are visiting for a few days and they (Chris' suggestion) came in a day early.

How was it!?

Pam said...

we're totally twins! i get that all the time too :). glad you made it to indian. happy birthday to us!