Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Big Events

We finally did it. After two years of waiting, medieval times we did. Baylie and mom sat out this one but played at The Grove instead with Lindsey and her girls. This pictures is No forks, no spoons, dinner at the knights table.

After they had selected their weapons.

The knights and princess. Jason chaperoned.

And we finally did count that really large jar of coins and dollars that Luke had been saving up. Want to hear something strange? It had the exact amount of four tickets that we had already bought (with an online coupon), minus the pennies that we refused to count. $133!

Now a totally different direction. Just showing you what Baylie does for the two hours of Luke's practice. Sun please come back so they don't muddy themselves anymore. I am running out of things to do and we haven't had our first game yet.

My girls in the bullpen...or a very creative cage where they can't run away too far.

Cheering from the sidelines.

The batter waiting to be up.

Practicing with the team.

And yet another direction. I found this picture on my camera and have no idea what they are doing. Must be bouncing off the walls right before bed. And who took the picture? Bizarre children.


Tanya said...

Sounds like the McCoys are having fun. They looked like they had a blast at medieval times. I liked it the time that I went with my sis We should get together soon, seriously.

uncle brandon said...

day goofy, today wasn't my birthday, you didn't need to get me baseball and medieval times pictures!

Anonymous said...

I should have taken a picture of them getting to hold a real sword, dang! They were awesome swords and so heavy they could barely hold them, especially Darby, our princess knight. By the way, I took that last picture and it was an attempt at Luke holding Darby "like a baby" but didn't quite work out.
- Jason

embot said...

You didn't tell me Luke paid for those tickets! Oh, I'm dying. Owen hasn't stopped talking about it, what a blast.

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see Luke play baseball! The birthday party looked so much fun! Beautiful princess and fierce knights. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

That was the best blog about one of my favorite couples and I didn't even know there would be a reward at the end of reading it. What great news-congratulations to the whole Royal McCoy Family!
xoxo, Aunt Kathy
Take care all ye knights & princesses.