Thursday, February 26, 2009

What up

Oh, those two hour baseball practices are a bit painful for the mom and us girls. Darby gets an award for playing so well with all the toys she brought in her three purses. Baylie gets an award for not staying still for the two hours and trying to find any dangerous thing and running away from me all the time. And then they went over five minutes. Good thing the boy loves it. And its making my girls want to play softball. Afterall, they have pink helmets for heaven's sake. And Darby could do t-ball next year. So excited to be at the field at 7:30 a.m. for opening day. How did my mother do years and years of all of us in sports?

This is documenting the last fifteen minutes and how our camera can be entertaining.

This one looks the most like me. Even though her coloring says contrary. She is the most Evans. Especially this smile. I think I smiled like this for ten years.

Something I had been fretting about but finally made peace with is the fact that Luke and I don't have the same birthday. Mine is the 13th, his is the 14th so we are tortured by Disneyland because we almost could have gotten in for free on the same day. And it would have been wonderful. Two weeks ago I would have said, ' Dang you disneyland, can't there be a free plus or minus a day around your birthday? Sheesh." but now I'm totally over it. Disneyland, who needs you. And I sure tried everything to make him come a day early, it was only to my thanks and misery of the castor oil that he finally came on the 14th. And 'the salad' on Tujunga didn't work either even though I choked it down. that is a myth

This girl thinks she is so funny. Good thing I do too...usually. Except what kid invented spaghetti legs, that one is no fun.

Hope your Thursday was better than my Wednesday. I am a bit crabby when I am pregnant which isn't good since I'm a bit crabby normally. No commenting family. But fortunately have made peace with how fat I'm going to get this year. And still going to strut myself at the beach, so there. I have a really good girl name that I'm not telling anyone cause I got way too many comments with my last girl name debate, so if this number four is a girl, I will be stoked now. Especially cause it could easily be 9-9-09 since I'm due on the 12th.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

I also have no idea how my parents did the whole ballpark thing...I guess in Dothan you can let your kids run wild and no one will take them...a bonus to living in a small, Southern town. In LA, it's probably not like that.
Can you put leashes on them? =)

aedozier said...

Nothing like Westgate Park in Dothan. That big landing strip that they turned into a ball park. They knew what they were doing. Why is it that we can't let our kids run wild these days, like in the old days? I live in AL and still won't do it. Hope you are feeling well.

Tanya said...

what cute girls! i hope you have a boy :)

Maria said...

Keep your name a secret until the baby is born, that's what we did and it worked out great. All we got were oohs and aahs because how can you not just ooze over a newborn. Exactly.

Andrea said...

So cute pics Brooke!! Your kids are just adorable. You sure are a busy mom - props to you! I don't know how you all do so much! You say that about your mom, but someday your kids will say that about you too.

And CONGRATs! #4! Awesome!

Nancy said...

You know your mom can keep a secret : ) so call me and tell me the girls name. So funny pictures of the girls! Having to entertain them when only one is involved is hard. At least they can be outside, just wait until music lessons - that is a trick.