Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today was a major triumph in our world. Luke stepped on the field at baseball practice. Oh my goodness, Yes! We couldn't be prouder. Hip Hip Hooray.

"That was the funnest baseball practice"

"I wish everyday was baseball"

"My coach is the nicest coach in the world"

"I'm like the best one on the team"

Don't you love 5 year old confidence rebounding?

The girls did amazing for the two hours...

We celebrated with In and Out for dinner. Yeah!


Maria said...

Yay for Luke!! and for you, In and Out, yum!

Beth said...

That is awesome! YAY!

Nathan and Emily said...

Every day should be baseball! I agree Luke! Now we just have to get him rooting for the right team :)!

Gina said...

Hurray! Glad it went well!