Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take that Economy

A sample from my recent shopping trip to the local middle eastern market in my area.

1 head romaine....33 cents

10 kiwi fruit....2 dollars

4 broccoli crowns...52 cents

7 braeburn apples ...1.81

1 bunch green onions...25 cents

1 bunch of seedless flame grapes...1 dollar, 57 cents

1 bunch of cilantro ...10 cents

1 bunch of bananas...1 dollar, 52 cents

1 white onion....33 cents

7 hothouse tomatoes on the vine...2 dollars, 17 cents

Its finally cool to be cheap! Hoorah!

Tip of the day: If its not on sale, don't buy it. Just change your recipe or do what is cheap. As much as you can at least. So that way you can still get your Pinkberry on. Thats the word.


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

Wow. Is this a CA thing or do those cheap stores exist everywhere? I think my last bunch of green onions was like $1.49.

Crazy Lady said...

no, you just have to find them...ask around.

sara said...

Are these the prices at Sal's??

Crazy Lady said...

valley produce on vanowen

Gina said...

Holy Crap I'm shopping with you!

sara said...

You have to check out Yogurtland in Sherman much better than Pinkberry. Be aware that it is addicting!!

Crazy Lady said...

somebody was telling about that but can't remember who. where is it?

Nathan and Emily said...

Which market are you going to!? Valley Produce?

Tanya said...

I love cheap produce, it is one of the things that make me smile when I make out with some yummy..good for you food... without breaking the bank, love it and I like yogurt better than pinkberry, the only problem with pinkberry is the flavor...pinkberry, lol

Courtney said...

That really disgusts me. I mean I am happy for you, but I want those prices. That is crazy.

Bailey said...

I wish I had a local middle eastern market. We don't have much of that going on in Texas.

Crazy Lady said...

don't you guys have mexican markets? utah and texas should