Monday, February 16, 2009

Raining Day

I'm very sad that its raining today. I'm not a fan of the rain in California, so it better be nourishing the land...bla bla bla. Especially because Luke has no school today and I love when he has no school. But better to be home in the rain than at school because then he wouldn't be able to go out all day for all day kindergarten, and really thats tortue isn't it? For the kids and the teacher.

so to think about happier times, here are picture from last week on the one day it didn't rain. blogger wouldn't let me upload last week for some reason.

We went to the zoo. Just us. Felt like we owned the place, which is the best time to go (afternoon).

My monkeys visiting the gibbons (my favorite monkey there)

the sheep were out which was amazing, although they were a bit skittish at my children who kept chasing them around. They almost knocked down little B.


Brushing the hairy goats. At one point at the zoo, a man past and said, You sure have a lot of them? Which made me laugh. Alot of what? Children? I should have said, no, you are just really really wimpy. I asked Luke if he thought three was a lot. We decided ten was alot or fifty. Seriously that is LA mentality right there. Funny cause I think three is easy now.

ahh, the rare moment where he lets her love him. I love this picture.


Nancy said...

what cute pics and just what I needed since I am down with the stomach flu. thanks!

Hillary said...

So fun - I love the zoo in the afternoon when it is practically deserted. Those pictures of your kids are super cute.

Krystin said...

That last picture is SOO cute! Those moments never seems to come often enough, great that you caught it!

melody said...

noticed the change on the top of the page! when did you find out the great news!!!

Crazy Lady said...

way to go melody you noticed my subtle addition!