Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ode to Crappy Stories

One of my favorite things is hearing someone else's crappy story.

Like when I hear from my seemingly perfect friend that she is stressed about Christmas too. Me, "Holy cow, you are, I thought it was just me who realized how much work it is!"
Me again, "You shove cookies in your mouth too? Yeah for us!"

Or like in October, when Baylie got stitches twice, and I got social services called on me that was a load of fun. I loved hearing anyone who else had social services called on them (innocently of course) so I didn't feel like the crappiest mother on the planet. I never did hear any stories just like mine, except for one that was 20 years old (thanks Kim Pfister!). By the way, no social services ever came, and Baylie is doing well. And I am now more empathic and less judgemental as a result. Why do we have to learn these dang lessons?

So I was delighted to read my sister's entertaining account of her remodeling experiences. Seriously, the girl should sue Ikea....even though we love you cheap Ikea, you have been mean to my sister. But the best part wasn't about her Ikea experience or the fact that last week she drove 2 hours to Tennessee only to have the store closed because of the time difference...no this one was classic. Although I did love the poop smeared everywhere story couple months back when her water was turned off too. Good times.

Just another affirmation of why we are related... Love you Court.

By the way, I like the happy stories too cause we don't want to be whiney complainers now, but sometimes, misery loves company eh? Cause sometimes you just have embrace the chaos and laugh. Or cry. Cry and laugh. Or cry and then laugh in a month...that I can do. Maybe in 2009


Kira =] said...

Oh, my oldest sister Anna has had social services called on her before because of trips to the ER. But really when you have more than 2 children & they're active someone is going to get injured. =]

christy said...

i wanted to laugh and cry for courtney. i can feel the pain of having those kind of days but laugh because today is not one for me. luckily everyday is not like that. courtney deserves a nice vacation.=)

Nash said...

It's so nice to know that we (mom's) are not alone.
Your stories are great.
Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Here's a "non-mom" crappy story. My car was broken into last night, window broken, debit card used to fuel some cars, have dinners at Norms and other 24 hour convenience stores WITH an account I don't use anymore (so there's really not much money in there) and so, these morons left with NINE $34 over draft fees, AND I'm an IDIOT and left my purse in there, so now I need to cancel cards, call experian, ect, go to the dmv. Man, on top of it all...I am an even bigger idiot and left our $500 camera in the car!!!!

Here's my question, do I play dumb with Chris when he says, "Hey Weena, do you know where the camera is?"



Tanya said...

You are hillarious. I love you stories.

Courtney said...

I am glad some good came from my experiences. :)