Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas Yahoo!

Here is us attempting to listen to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional at home.

This was the 'calm' period. The kids were having a riot, pulling blankets from each other and screaming. We (the adults) just wanted to listen to the stinking message. At one point we (the adults) looked at each other laughing and pretended to be somewhere else, "Hawaii...Jamaica...Mexico"

But if you can't beat them...join them. So ..

Then we added one more person (me). We got sqwished.

We went here Saturday night to see Christmas lights and drink hot chocolate.

The girls holding hands.

Delanie (not pictured) is a girl, but preferred running with the least for now.

I am in total denial about my good friend Renee moving. Like in two days. And did I mention that she has the same age kids as me and she is moving out of the state. It was so nice to have Renee to talk to this past year who was going through the same phases in life as me. Not to mention she is as nice as my sister and I have nice sisters.

Nobody else is allowed to move.

Darby says she has five friends. I don't know why she picked that number. These two are ones she always mentions. And her cousin Dallas.

So we've been trying to get out of comfort zone a little bit and make more friends. We found out that Luke's classmate lives two houses away (like has for two years but thats how our nieghborhood rolls) and even celebrates Christmas! Holy cow. They are Armenians from Turkey so poo on me for thinking everyone was Persian and Russian...not true. I need to brush up on my cultures....get me some education if I can.

Merry Christmas. We have been absorbed in listening to Christmas music and decorating our house. Its decorated, but never clean...could be my mantra. We have also read stories and inspired already in the true meaning of Christmas. I love all the tender stories that make me want to cry. About people giving. Seriously, in the Ensign (church magazine) there is a story about a family of five having to live in a tent. Talk about put life in perspective. Honey, as long as I'm not living in a tent, we are living fine. But I think Santa is important too...I want my kids eyes to bug out at Christmas with excitement on fun...even if their mom got everything on sale. Its Jesus's birthday really (and our cute twin nephews too!) so it supposed to be celebration! Yahoo!


3406 LeBron Rd. said...

Cute pics of the kids. I am very impressed that you fit everyone on the couch. Oh, can you take the word verification off? It bugs. :)

Tanya said...

The christmas devotional story was funny. We thought about watching it here then I decided that after not getting anything at church earlier I would leave the boys at home and go to the stake center, it was amazing, I loved the talks and felt the spirit and feel ready to Christmas right

christy said...

i had the same struggle trying to listen to the devotional last night. i was probably more grumpy about it though.

Beth said...

We went on Sunday to the temple. It was so fun. I wish we could've worked it out to get our families there at the same time, but oh well. I am in denial about Renee leaving too. SO SAD! She will be really missed.